Hu He exposure Sha Yi can’t satisfy their and show wave ” true love ” – people Hain

Hu He Sha Yi exposure can not meet their own   and show true love wave " " – Hainan window – Hu He and Sha Yi recently, Sha Yi Hu He and his wife appeared in the variety show "temptation" dinner, the couple love to kill was jealous. Hu He said at the show, this is a good opportunity, he had long wanted to separate from the Sha Yi. In addition, in the program site, Hu He also broke the news that Sha Yi is a very nervous person, at home, like his third sons. For Hu He’s revelations, Sha Yi on the side is only a smile, keep mengguan wine, lies in the link but also respect their very tired family, don’t want to go back. In addition, Hu He exposes Sha Yi in life can not meet their own, the real man is the heart of Wu Xiubo, two people in WeChat has long been a secret contact, is really love relationship. Hu He not only in the face of Wu Xiubo had expressed his mind, but also added to the other side of the WeChat, and the reply of the mind of the heart of the is Me too…" In this case, Sha Yi completely, only silly response: "you still have WeChat?" (commissioning editor Xing Dandan and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: