How To Set A Toilet

Home-Improvement As the owner of Jolly Plumbing in Wilder, KY., Barry Jolly is a well-known entrepreneur in the Northern Kentucky area, and he has worked in the plumbing industry for 31 years. Here, Jolly uses his expertise to explain what a homeowner should know about to set a toilet correctly. Serious Problem with Toilet Installation According to most people, the biggest problem with a toilet installation may be the water leaking. However, the most serious problem that can actually .e up has to do with the sewer gas. If you have a toilet installed, but its not sealed to the floor correctly, you will have a lot of sewer gas and odors .ing up in your bathroom. If you are setting a toilet on your own, my best advice is to make sure that you are using a good wax ring on the toilet, and that the toilet is bolted to the floor solidly. If you dont have precautions when doing these things, sewer gasses will eventually seep into your bathroom and house. There is only one plumbing connection when you are hooking up a toilet, which is the water line that .es up out of the wall and goes into the tank. You also need to make sure that you have a shut-off valve in place underneath the toilet, and that your supply tube is hooked securely to the tank. If you dont think you are able to set the toilet properly and bolt it tightly to the ground, I re.mend calling a professional in to handle the job. Any professional plumber should be able to do this kind of thing, because setting a toilet is basic. Hiring Licensed Plumbers Whenever you are having plumbing done in your house, and especially if you are replacing a plumbing fixture, the code in my state requires that the job is done by a plumber with proper licensing. So for both insurance purposes and an additional way to make sure the job is done right, I would re.mend using only licensed plumbers for jobs like this. I would say that if you stick with a good, reputable plumbing .pany, you should keep your toilet or any other fixture in good shape, since projects like setting a toilet are among the most simple things for a plumber to do. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners dont know what they can or cant handle when it .es to their own at-home plumbing jobs. When people start a project, they often realize they cant handle it halfway through, then they usually call us to finish the job right. In fact, calls like that are one of the most .mon service calls that we get, especially on weekends. People try to do things like setting toilets themselveson Saturdays and Sundays, especiallyand then all of a sudden they get themselves in a jam. It is often weekend afternoons when they call us and say they need our help. When you call, you can be assured that you will get ahold of someone who can help you right away. As a professional plumbing repair .pany, we Jolly Plumbing are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing high quality plumbing service to homes and businesses. When you call us, you can expect a friendly voice on the phone to listen to you, a fast response, work performed by a licensed and trained plumbing contractor, and a guarantee of quality home plumbing repair services. Our experience means that while it may be an emergency to you, your plumbing problem is surely NOT new to us, and whatever it may be, we have faced it before and know how to fix it immediately. For your satisfaction, we provide you with honest, detail-oriented service. Barry Jolly is a writer for Yodle, a business directory and online advertising .pany. Find a plumber or more plumbing articles at Yodle Local. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: