How To Be A Great Photographer With Rodolfo

Photography "Many people think having an expensive camera is the key to being a good photographer, but don’t be fooled by this naivet," states Rodolfo Michel. Focus Directly and Indirectly The real key to being a great photographer .es from the ability to use top-down focus as well as bottom-up focus. This means having a goal set in your mind of what you want to ac.plish from your session while also being open-minded to the possibility of unexpected goals developing outside your control or ambition. The .bination of these two focuses is what makes photography challenging and it is also what Rodolfo Michel thrives on. Practice Different Perspectives In addition to the goal-oriented drive, Rodolfo Michel advises beginner photographers to keep practicing, especially with new perspectives. If you have an idea of a new angle or time of day that you’d like to shoot at, do it! Rodolfo Michel says he has shot photographs at practically every time of day at this point in his career but it wasn’t always this way, it only became so because of he put in the man-hours to get there. Rodolfo Michel says hard-work will get you to that perfect picture but only if you’re the one working hard, not just the camera. Develop Your Unique Style Rodolfo Michel says it is also important to develop your own style in your work as it a representation of yourself! All the greats in their fields have a style that is iconic of who they are whether in be in sports, music, art, style, etc. The same way you style your hair to express yourself should be evident in your photography, state Rodolfo Michel. You want your viewers to see your work and know your behind the camera, almost like it has your stamp on it. Rodolfo Michel says a large part of style is personality so once you know your passion and the message you want to send to the viewers, you should be able to style your work without a second thought! If you incorporate these qualities into pursuing photography, Rodolfo Michel assures you that you will succeed. However, you also have to not be afraid of failing. If you do, simply try again. Practice with different resources to find which works best for you! Sure, it may take time but Rome wasn’t built in a day, now was it? For more on How to be a Great Photographer with Rodolfo Michel About the Author: 相关的主题文章: