How to accurately grasp the optimal consumption of wolfberry – Sohu to eat and drink plants war

How to accurately grasp the optimal consumption of wolfberry? Sohu eat and drink wolfberry, although it is recognized as a good health Jiapin, but consumers eat wolfberry improper, lit the phenomenon has occurred, resulting in a lot of people do not dare to eat wolfberry. The reasons for the occurrence of the phenomenon of light, in addition to improper eating, there is also an important reason, that is not correct consumption. Of course, different ways of eating, the amount of use is different, but the only way to say the most primitive way to eat chewing, the best use of it? What is the optimum consumption of many consumers in the network for many times when the daily consumption of medlar, many of the answers are displayed 10-30 grams, but the interval 10-30 grams, which is easy to form a polarization phenomenon, or is too small, not up to the health effects of eating too much, or cause the phenomenon of fire occurrence. Moreover, for ordinary consumers, if there is no precise consumption of wolfberry when the instrument, it is difficult to grasp the amount. There is the summer before the Chinese wolfberry, edible not easily solved scientific problems of consumers, summerheat built-in independent small package before the Chinese wolfberry and small packaging, each of which is 17 grams. Do not underestimate this 17 grams, this figure is the result of scientific research, adult daily of medlar and summer before the best consumption is 17 grams. Such a convenient summer before Chinese wolfberry science, welcomed by consumers is expected. The summer before the Chinese wolfberry science diet, science and health, succeeded in preventing the consumers due to the phenomenon of fire caused by improper eating.相关的主题文章: