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Relationships Is your ex girlfriend not talking to you right now and you are worried that her silence is going to be forever? You should know that as bleak as it might seem right now, things could very well change for you and you might look back and realize that you were worrying for nothing. Okay, so maybe it doesn’t seem like nothing right now, I get that. Just realize that her not talking to you right now might be just a temporary thing. Let’s look at three things that definitely WON’T work if you are trying to get her talking to you again: 1. You can’t beg your ex girlfriend to talk to you again and expect that to work. It sounds silly when you think about it, begging someone who won’t talk to you to start talking to you, but a lot of guys do this when they are really desperate. This is definitely not the choice that you want to make. If you beg your ex girlfriend to start talking to you again, don’t be surprised if the silent treatment gets extended. 2. You can’t make your ex girlfriend feel less attracted to you and expect her to start talking to you again. While you might not intentionally make her feel less attracted to you, it’s an easy thing to do if you end up trying too hard to get her speaking to you again. What’s less attractive to a woman than a guy who is trying too hard just to get her to talk to him? Not much. 3. You can’t get mad at her and expect that she is going to break her silence. This is the thing that guys do when they are frustrated and they can’t think of anything else to do. They get mad at their ex girlfriend, as if that is going to do anything to change her mind and change her behavior. It’s not going to work, you might as well not even bother trying. Wanting to get your ex girlfriend back is a normal thing. Wanting her to speak to you is a normal thing. Trying these 3 tactics to get her talking to you again is NOT going to work. You need to do things that are actually effective if you want your ex girlfriend to talk to you again. Anything else is going to prove to be really ineffective and you are just going to end up broken up for good. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: