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Southeast DX3 how dare to call themselves "Yan strength SUV"? Sohu – car a few days ago, in Beijing listed price of 67 thousand and 900 yuan to 99 thousand and 900 yuan, the southeast of DX3, give yourself a "Yan · the strength of SUV" label, the literal understanding is the yen value high, strength. Then, the Southeast DX3 in the end for "Yan · the strength of SUV" name? May wish to look at the line with the car’s appearance is not enough high yan. Southeast DX3 is penned by the hundred years brand design Penn law personally designed, in terms of appearance, movement trend of the original international texture interior style, the emphasis is on "design of the essence of beauty". In a China industrial design called "Oscar" in the second session of the "China good design contest, fierce competition from global DX3 and 2098 entries, with the original design unique, won the" China good design award, the highest honor of all entries in the car. No wonder people say DX3 southeast is SUV industry "Yan value car". On the design, the Southeast DX3 want to convey is the potential, action, force, these three points. "Potential" refers to the eagle posture, Southeast DX3 inherited DX family design language, face a potential A great hawk spreads its wings, family designs models lines are around the eagle pose. "Move" refers to the southeast of the DX3 adhering to the "flow of power" design concept. The body side of the waist line until the tail around the whole shape around the line can realize to the flow of metal. The "force" refers to the muscle force, the power of the spirit. Different from the traditional SUV showed the rigid sense, DX3 surface is curved by the southeast express the recurve models of muscle force, and power requirements. The static and dynamic combination of the whole car, forming a very good tension, very suitable for young consumers feel the power. Body color, the Southeast DX3 also provides 8 kinds of stylish car color, more personalized dual color Jin color version of the vehicle to choose from, in order to meet the diverse needs of young consumers. From the above aspects, the Southeast DX3, Yan is indeed high enough. What’s more, the car also has the largest car grid, dimensions of 4354mm× 1840mm× 1670mm, not only 2610mm wheelbase, almost equal to the compact SUV body size, but also has the largest 500L trunk space at the same level, equipped with a key to open the panoramic sunroof, called small SUV in the "little giant" okay. The design level, Southeast of DX3 should be said to be impeccable. However, if the appearance of the shape can be more attractive to the eye, then, a strong internal strength in order to ultimately get the user’s recognition. In this regard, Southeast of DX3’s performance is remarkable. Intelligent configuration, DX3 is equipped with 9 inch high-definition touch screen, the most remote remote keyless entry system, start the engine and the air conditioning leapfrog configuration, enhance the consumer experience of the car.相关的主题文章: