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Hong Kong media: China government demarcation. The original title is "strange construction": Hong Kong media: government China policy for "strange construction" delimit Hongkong "South China Morning Post" the February 22nd article, the original title: Chinese government policies, "strange construction" limit the delimitation of central government according to the city planning and construction blueprint, strange construction, illegal the construction will be bearing a yoke. Two months after the central city working conference was held, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a number of opinions on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction, and promised to control urban diseases such as environmental pollution, public safety and traffic congestion". The last conference was held in 1978, when only 18% of the Chinese population lived in cities and towns. This figure increased to 55% last year, reaching 750 million people. Opinions and requirements, urban construction should implement the "applicable, economic, green, beautiful" policy. In contrast with the rich, the beautiful, the strange, these architectural features missing, cultural heritage worrying – in the eyes of Chinese leaders, these chaos is the lack of cultural self-confidence typical performance, and reflects some cadres distorted political achievements view. In recent years, a variety of non traditional architecture and some famous western architectural imitations, such as the White House and Eiffel Tower in many city stage. Some local officials have spent taxpayers’ money on buildings that are flashy, grotesque, etc that do not fit the needs of the public and the city. These buildings are of no use, and have high maintenance and operating costs. Opinions also requested, in principle, no longer build closed residential areas, the built residential quarters and units courtyard should be gradually opened, to achieve internal road public, to solve the traffic network layout problem. But some netizens worry about the potential security risks brought by the opening of closed residential areas. Opinions also requested that urban illegal buildings will be cleared in the next 5 years. (, ·, Gan, etc.) CNN reported in February 22nd that the Chinese sky would be uniform in the future, and the government’s plan and construction management opinion seemed to be a rule for future architectural activities. The founder of an architectural design office in Beijing said, "it’s not limited, it’s causing problems today.". There are countless buildings in China, but there is little social responsibility". (author Matt, ·, Reeves, etc.) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

港媒:中国政府为“奇怪建筑”划界限   原标题:港媒:中国政府制定方针 为“奇怪建筑”划界限   香港《南华早报》2月22日文章,原题:中国政府制定方针,为“奇怪建筑”划界限 根据中央政府的城市规划建设蓝图,奇怪建筑、违法建设将被套上枷锁。   中央城市工作会议召开两个月后,《中共中央国务院关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》出台,承诺治理环境污染、公共安全和交通拥堵等“城市病”。上次召开类似会议还是在1978年,当时只有18%的中国人口住在城镇。这个数字去年年底增至55%,达7.5亿人。   意见要求,城市建筑应贯彻“适用、经济、绿色、美观”的方针。与之形成鲜明对比的是贪大、媚洋、求怪,这些建筑特色缺失,文化传承堪忧——在中国领导人看来,这些乱象是缺乏文化自信的典型表现,并折射出一些干部扭曲的政绩观。   近年来,各种非传统建筑和一些西方著名建筑的仿造品,如白宫、埃菲尔铁塔等在不少城市粉墨登场。一些地方官员把纳税人的钱大把花在建设华而不实、奇形怪状等不符合公共和城市需要的建筑上。这些建筑没什么使用价值,且维修和运营费用高。   意见还要求,原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区,已建成的住宅小区和单位大院要逐步打开,实现内部道路公共化,解决交通路网布局问题。但一些网民担心封闭小区开放后带来的潜在安全风险。意见还要求,城市违规建筑未来5年将予以清除。(作者内科塔尔·甘等)   美国有 线电视新闻网2月22日报道,原题:未来中国的天空将整齐划一中国政府出台的规划建设管理意见似乎是在给未来的建筑活动定规矩。北京一家建筑设计室创始人 表示,“并非限制多造成了当今的问题。中国产生了数不尽的建筑物,但有社会责任感的很少”。(作者马特·里夫斯等,传文译) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: