Hefei introduction of the implementation of the housing purchase details of the implementation of th-tianbi

Hefei introduced the implementation details of the purchase of housing under the name of minors to check the property of the city of Hefei following the October 2nd evening released the new deal, restart the purchase of the housing ten. The City Real Estate Management Bureau released 8 "property purchase restrictions query rules for the implementation of the provisions of the current, where the purchase of new housing in Hefei city within the scope of the purchase and the stock of housing, property buyers must first query to spouses and minor children under the name of real estate information. As prices rise too fast, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hefei, Suzhou is the industry known as the four dragons". As a typical inland city, especially after the Spring Festival this year, Hefei houses, second-hand housing prices soaring, repeatedly led the country, prices have entered the "million times, the number of monthly increase ranked the top five, with a real hard situation. October 2nd evening, the official release of the city of Hefei to restart the purchase of the policy, the purchase of the city to adjust the proportion of the minimum down payment, and strictly control the loan fund. Suspended to have 2 sets of housing and more than the urban residents of the household registration of the sale of new commodity housing; rather than the urban household registration households are restricted to purchase 1 sets. At the same time, focus on property hoarding and other illegal acts. The "Hefei city property purchase restrictions query implementation details", is the specific implementation details of the city issued 2 "on a number of opinions" to further promote the city’s real estate market stable and healthy development of the "purchase order". Specify the details of the purchase, the development of enterprises and agencies such as a resort to deceit and behavior will bear corresponding responsibility. And the real estate management department staff for dereliction of duty, administrative responsibility will be held in accordance with the relevant provisions, constitute a crime shall be prosecuted for criminal liability. (end)相关的主题文章: