Harry Potter eighth Chinese unpublished version of Taobao selling book – new network infringement-bree daniels

"Harry Potter" eighth Chinese unpublished version of Taobao books – Beijing infringement selling newspaper in Beijing on 28 September, (China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Jiang Xiaobin) "Harry? Potter" series eighth "Harry? Potter and the children of the damned" (hereinafter referred to as the "Ha 8") English version listed in July 31st the global synchronization, Chinese simplified version of the people’s Literature Publishing House in October 29th will be listed in the national unity, than the French version of the book (November), Chinese version of traditional published in Taiwan (February) and other versions are faster. However, human society is faster than the illegal infringement of books according to the bookseller, English version of "save" is currently in the Taobao online sale, good sales has already sold more than 1 thousand copies. The humanities club president Guan Shiguang told reporters, usually pirated books after the publication of the book is genuine, making a direct copy; this time, the original is still in print, the book has sold the Taobao online infringement be in full swing. Because unscrupulous booksellers too anxious, even the cover is different from the Chinese version of genuine simplified recently announced, but directly copied the English version of the cover with the title Chinese. Some readers have questioned: why humanities and social translation, published faster than the slow unscrupulous booksellers for more than a month? In this regard, Guan Shiguang said: if you simply consider the market, the organization of 35 people, can not be used for 10 days to do this book. But the translation is difficult on the top seven of the "Harry Potter? All the details", including names, place, story, when the eighth appeared to be carefully checked to ensure consistent. And now the book is completely chaotic." The book is full of typos, infringement of the indiscriminate use of punctuation, font typesetting confusion, large gaps and other issues. "8", one of the commissioning editor Wang Ruiqin said: "before and after the infringement characters name is not unified, and the seven is not uniform, that is a lot of people at the same time translation." "8", one of the di Chan commissioning editor, the translation of infringing works there are a lot of mistakes, some even completely influence readers to understand the book. For example, the author predicted that "when Rowling mentioned in the way." in the book, in fact, the fourth is echoed in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire?" in the plot, but the book "in the tort" English word spare translated into "double", which makes readers did not understand this book and this prophecy. In July 4th, the humanities agency bought "8 Kazakhstan" Chinese simplified version of the exclusive right of publication, immediately authorized Ma Ainong ("Harry Potter?" one of the first 7 series of the translator, the translator is another of his sister’s horses love the new reporter note) independent translation of the book. It is published in the English version of unscrupulous booksellers, began to "save" immediately, and signed "Ma Aixin, Ma Ainong translation". The reporter found that search taobao.com, a number of shops selling fake "exclusive domestic first" and "Ma Ainong and Ma Aixin" translation "people’s Literature Publishing House" "absolutely genuine" Chinese simplified edition "Kazakhstan 8". This book is divided into two kinds of hardcover hardcover peace, mainly in Shanghai, Guangdong, the price ranging from $28 to $78, and some shops have sold thousands of copies, hundreds of books in a few. Some of the publishing houses were named "people.相关的主题文章: