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Hangzhou market debut autumn summer clearance fast fashion brand clothing sale half off (Figure) Hangzhou market debut autumn summer clearance fast fashion brand clothing sale half off for several consecutive rain let Hangzhou have more autumn. The shopping season, as many people choose in this small Mid Autumn Festival holiday choice. The reporter visited the major shopping malls, stores found that businesses have opened a new autumn season mode ", the main stage. At the same time, also took the opportunity to enter the summer, not spring a stage, the discount rate to a minimum, to attract a lot of people queuing panic buying. A new autumn and summer can start with "two days this morning and evening temperature, while the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, together with the mother to go shopping to buy a thin cardigan, sooner or later the cold can be sheathed on the outside wear." Citizen Ms. Jiang said, did not expect to stroll around, see some summer is on sale, low price let her very excited. This does not, had to start the two short sleeved and a denim shorts, all playing on the break. Ms. Jiang said he opened the side look cheerful, the hands of the shopping bag to reporters. A women’s counter teller said, back in early August, has launched a small part of the counter early autumn clothing. Now, have a comprehensive listing of new autumn. The reporter visited the circle found in the mall, a variety of fashionable autumn has debut, women’s dresses, sweaters, jackets, coats, sweaters, men’s fashion shoes, sports shoes, the store was placed in the most prominent position. Because it is a new listing, the price is not what most preferential, with 15% off to 10 percent off majority, but there are still some of the pursuit of fashion, love "boys and girls come to prerelease purchase. Shopping malls in the autumn and summer is always accompanied with discount listed. If you still remember for a summer, now is the best time to sell. In the martial arts intime, some small high-end brand discount efforts, some played a 10 percent off, two 20 percent off, three 30 percent off "promotional efforts to attract customers. Some low-end brand is different, marked "all 50 percent off" billboards in the clothes hook, the minimum is only 70 percent off. Here, a few hundred dollars usually sell short sleeved T-shirt, now just a few yuan, very cost-effective. Fast fashion brand discount with the largest in several fast fashion brand shop, star, lakeside in77 Cabernet, intime, the reporter found that the popularity is very busy, there are many is taking advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourists come to Hangzhou to play. They attract the reason is very simple, is the discount strength. Yesterday, the lake in77 Forever21 stores, dark and crowded with people, waiting to try clothes lines has been lined up at the gate. In a lot of discounts on summer clothes made a piece of red sign reads "RMB 50", which will be 50 yuan. There will be 60 yuan or buy a send a. In the world the first floor of the H& M, many of the original price of 199 yuan, 299 yuan in the summer are marked with the sale price, from 50 yuan to 100 yuan, the discount basis, can call 12% off. Reporter figured, a price 199 yuan after discount vest, sold only 44 yuan.

杭州商场秋装登场夏装清仓 快时尚品牌夏装特卖打五折(图) 杭州商场秋装登场夏装清仓 快时尚品牌夏装特卖打五折   连续几场雨水让杭城有了越来越浓的秋意。换季购物,成了不少市民在这个中秋小长假的不二选择。记者走访各大商场、专卖店发现,商家纷纷开启了“换季模式”, 新款秋装齐刷刷地登场。同时,不少春、夏装也趁机进入清仓阶段,折扣打到了最低,吸引不少市民排队抢购。   打折夏装和新款秋装都可以入手了   “这两天早晚温差大,趁着中秋小长假,和妈妈一起来逛商场选购一件薄开衫,早晚冷的时候可以套在外面穿。”市民蒋女士说,没想到逛着逛着,看到一些夏装正在打折,低廉的价格让她非常动心。这不,已经入手了两件短袖和一条牛仔短裤,统统打对折。蒋女士一边眉开眼笑地说着,一边打开手中的购物袋给记者看。   一位女装专柜的柜员说,早在8月上旬,就已经有部分专柜推出少量早秋服装。现在,新款秋装已经全面上市。   记者在商场逛了一圈发现,各种款式新颖的秋装已经闪亮登场,女装套裙、针织衫、小外套,男士风衣、毛衣以及时尚单鞋、运动鞋等都被店家摆在了最显眼的位置。由于是新款上市,大多价格上没什么优惠,以8.5折到9折居多,但仍有一些追求时尚、喜欢尝新的少男少女们前来“抢鲜”购买。   商场里的秋装上市与夏装打折总是相伴相生。如果你还对某款夏装念念不忘,现在正是出手的最好时机。在武林银泰,一些高端品牌折扣力度不大,有的打出了“一件9折、两件8折、三件7折”的促销力度来吸引顾客。部分中低端品牌就不同了,在衣服挂钩上标注“一律5折”的宣传牌,最低的仅3折。算下来,一件平时卖几百元的短袖T恤,现在只要几十元,非常划算。   快时尚品牌打折力度最大   在湖滨in77、利星、解百、银泰的几家快时尚品牌店,记者发现人气非常旺,有很多是趁着中秋小长假来杭州玩的游客。吸引他们的理由很简单,就是打折力度大。   昨天,湖滨in77的Forever21门店里,黑压压挤满了人,等着试衣服的长队一直排到了大门口。在一大堆打折促销的夏季衣服上立了块红色标牌,上面写着“RMB 50”,也就是一律50元意思。还有的一律60元或者买一送一。   在利星一楼的H&M,很多原价199元、299元的夏装都标注有特卖价,从50元至100元不等,在这个打折基础上,还能再打88折。记者算了一下,一件原价199元的背心,打折后只卖44元。Bershka、MONKI门店里也挂了好多个大写的“SALE”,5折是主旋律。相关的主题文章: