Hand made Evernote Sulu pen intelligent hardware strategy can let Hanvon turning science and technol nvidia geforce gt 740m

Hand made Evernote Sulu pen intelligent hardware strategy can let Hanvon turning science and technology Sohu – Sohu Technology Wen Ding Ding use fragmentation time access to information has become a common phenomenon. According to the market Chinese impression notes senior director of a knowledge worker introduction, when the depth of thinking and depth of work, still need a lot of dependence on paper materials, including books, including documents, newspapers, various aspects of information, rely heavily on these materials to complete the work. Impression notes also through the program, to provide users with a variety of image text conversion services. In this context, the day before Hanvon and impression notes to achieve cooperation, jointly launched the Hanvon Bluetooth Sulu pen Evernote customized version of the new. Bluetooth Sulu pen using OCR scanning technology, input speed per minute up to 1000. The user is in use, only need to take the pen through books, documents, newspapers and other media, can be written directly into the mobile phone, tablet brush. And can edit the reference. Hanvon impression and custom new notebook is the biggest highlight of the product design in the depth matching, using Bluetooth Sulu pen scanning the text, can be more convenient to share impression notes. In addition, the purchase of Bluetooth Sulu pen T100 impression notes can receive a customized version of Evernote premium account. Custom version priced at 699 yuan. According to Sohu science and technology to understand, this product can be seen as a simplified version of the E pen. After simplifying the functions of translation, screen display and so on, the Bluetooth connection function can be added to the user’s mobile device. In addition to the adaptation of the notes, this product can also be easily scanned text to mobile devices WeChat, QQ or other text editing tools. However, this product must be scanned at the time of the APP open, there is no function to provide scan cache. Hanvon technology hope through Bluetooth Sulu pen this product, further open up new ideas of intelligent interactive mobile Internet environment. According to the Hanvon technology director, executive vice president, Hanvon Chinese general manager Mr. Xu Dongjian introduced a customized version of the Bluetooth Hanvon Sulu pen can be real-time input, integration, sharing, through the product, Hanvon technology saw a huge market potential for the future of the Sulu pen category, is to further explore the Han Wang for the mobile Internet market. Hanvon will also further strengthen interaction and cooperation with partners. Hanvon before betting on paper business, in recent years the earnings data of ups and downs. According to Sohu science and technology, if the government subsidies are not calculated over the years, since 2011, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit excluding non recurring gains and losses, has been a loss for 5 consecutive years. However, from the fourth quarter of 2015 since the three consecutive quarter of Hanvon Technology Quarterly profit. According to the annual report in 2016 the latest data, the first half of Hanvon technology net profit of 8 million 100 thousand yuan. Of course, Hanvon through financial products and rental housing have also received the corresponding income, which the company housing rental income of 12 million 686 thousand and 300 yuan, the corresponding rental costs 4 million 10 thousand and 700 yuan. Its main business revenue comes mainly from OCR production.相关的主题文章: