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Halloween haunted Lan Kwai Fong in Hongkong, they appear in the little corner – Sohu tourism Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic New Year Festival, this is also the ritual death time, in order to avoid ghost interference at the same time, also to worship ancestors and good spirit to pray for peace through the winter. Halloween is a traditional festival in western countries, this night is one of the most "haunted" in the night, so also called halloween. Halloween activities are very simple, and most of them are in the church, with the development of the times, Halloween has become a carnival once a year. The trip to Hongkong on Halloween, have the feeling of a Hongkong the world’s highly prosperous international metropolis Halloween, people from all over the world through dress up, gathered in Lan Kwai Fong, spent a crazy night. Lan Kwai Fong, Hongkong, November 1, 2016. Legend has it that in five hundred BC, the Celts living in Ireland, Scotland and other places that the day is the official end of the summer day, that is, the beginning of the new year, the harsh winter began the day. At that time people believed that the spirits of the enemy on this day back in the house to find him in the living creatures, so as to regeneration, and it is people can only hope for regeneration after death. And the living dead souls are afraid to take away life, so people will put out the fire on this day, candlelight, let the dead soul cannot find him, and put himself into the dead soul away demons and ghosts. After that, they will rekindle the fire, candlelight, the beginning of a new year of life. Halloween activities were very simple, and most of them were in the church. Throughout Europe, however, Halloween is regarded as a good opportunity to make fun of themselves, tell ghost stories and scare each other. So people no longer put this festival to celebrate the autumn, but let it be a genie, witch and ghost festival. The annual Halloween in Hongkong’s most bustling places in Lan Kwai Fong is it, the central region was a L type uphill trail gathered large and small bars and restaurants in the upscale shopping district, by the young generation, expatriates and tourists welcome. Halloween day tens of thousands of people had gathered from all over Hongkong to this. Like the song in the Halloween Song, carnival is lonely? Depression is the fear of loneliness! This evening the night the grinning Demons and monsters danced like mad., pumpkin, this night I want to fall in love with, the headless rider brave, three hundred and sixty-four night old in order to wait for a night fangzi. Take off the gloomy sickle, innocent youth coat, a longitudinal fleeting moment, burning passion only, he what moral rules, as long as I am tonight fangzi! How many memories are sweet, how many memories are bitter, in the dull life people often bury the pain to be very deep, forgets once the memory, we leave the happy today. Halloween is a good day for people who live under high pressure. Halloween is not only a carnival for adults, but also a holiday for children. Some parents came to Lan Kwai Fong with a well dressed child, feeling the atmosphere of the festival. The crowd is the most outstanding to the number of two, they all appear in the stream of people less corner,.相关的主题文章: