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Business After a twenty minutes, the salesman came up and after that meeting I know which .pany had, before I send samples to the .pany’s coat when walking, the clerk ran out there to ask me a business card, I gave her when she said her name used, so do not know what her name was. With this business about, she told me that her .pany to take my coat samples sent to the multi-function tender, the successful tenderer does not have any in my purchase, but contacted a .pany in Shanghai, because they are cheaper than the price of 10 Yuan / piece, but the customer received a large shipment and found a large difference between the quality of goods and samples too large poor quality goods, all returned to their .pany, which calls for the sample, as they also asked the .pany could no longer do on behalf of, and otherwise cancel their cooperation! In this way, they are embarrassed to .e back for my boss, called a salesman came to me by other .panies, but the final picture is that after listening to me! It was very funny listening to the feeling of doing business for so long, and a price of a cargo, this is unexpected, at my time in the sample also shows that two is better quality, there are dozens of poor Block 1, they did not ask me after winning if it can offer point what so many spot, but to ten dollars and other .panies cheap order it! Resulted in the loss of more than 100,000! Finally, I did not accept the re.mendation of their .pany, because I think the customer with no sincerity is not necessary! The day before yesterday the salesman said to me that the order calls not to do, and no way, they can not find the same goods with my sample, it is too late for customized! Let me help sell the batch was returned to the coat! Oh, and I hope they can remember this lesson, not greedy little a few dollars cheaper, but lose an important client About the Author: 相关的主题文章: