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Health The debilitating symptoms of gout led to studies that aimed in finding out effective cures for it. One of these studies tackled about gout diet. Below is an article that discusses this. Gout theories are more often than not associated with purine intake. However, there is a gout theory that doesnt dwell on this. Rather this theory connects gout to insulin resistance. Simply put, gout is linked with diabetes. Therefore, if you have diabetes, chances are, youll also get gout. Insulin resistance happens when cells resist glucose, thereby the lack of energy production; and ergo, a surplus of insulin. Some studies say that insulin reduces the kidneys uric acid excretion. A study in South Africa (1999) aimed at finding out whether insulin resistance diets could be used as a gout diet. What has been employed is the three zone diet by Barry Sears, PhD. The rules: The 1,600 calorie intake served as the ceiling value that should be taken daily. Meaning, carbohydrates was reduced by 40%(640 calories), proteins by 30%(480 calories) and fats by 30%(480 calories). Ergo, a person can only consume 160grams carbohydrate, 120grams protein and 53grams fats daily. However, this 160 grams carbohydrate daily intake is neither an Atkins diet nor a low-carb diet. .plex carbohydrates were consumed instead of refined carbohydrates. .plex carbohydrates have a lower Glycemic Index scale than refined carbohydrates. The slower effect of .plex carbohydrates to glucose deemed a positive response of insulin to it. Mono and polyunsaturated fats (olive oil) were used instead of saturated fats from meat and dairy products. In the study, the participants ate lean meats and fish, even those that are high in purines for their polyunsaturated fat consumption at least four times weekly. The 13 white male participants profiles are as follows: overweight, aged 38-62 and have already experienced two gout attacks. Twelve have high uric acid levels but not taking gout medications. They are moderate alcohol drinkers and doesnt follow any local rules. Moreover, reducing their purine intake wasnt attempted, their water intake wasnt measured and an attempt to alter their pH levels wasnt known. The results are as follows: the participants lost 17lbs. over four months. Their average weight loss rate is 1lb weekly as expected in the zone diet. Only one participant didnt lose wieght. Triglycerides and other related cholesterol measurements dropped. Moreover, it was found out that the larger the uric acid levels at the start of the study, the larger the uric acid level falls. Furthermore, gout attacks fell from 2.1 to 0.6 (70%) monthly. However, this wasnt evident in one patient, nevertheless he had shorter and less severe attacks. 8 out of the 13 participants did not experience gout attack in the four month course of the study. After one year, five out of nine didnt experience gout attacks and three had only one attack. The participant who had gained weight at the end of the study, had three gout attacks and uric acid rose. In conclusion, the study did have positive results and may be employed by gout sufferers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: