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Google Pixel mobile phone experience: original Android 7.1 and it is awesome! Sohu technology look tired of a variety of domestic Android phones, today to point is not the same, the following is to experience this year, Google’s latest flagship phone – Google Pixel. Google Pixel released during the National Day this year, the mobile phone apart from overseas, its itself is worth pondering over a lot of places, such as new named series models, hardware and software by their surgeon, equipped with the new native Android system (Android 7.1), pictures of the highest score, built-in Google Assistant and so on, as for the actual performance, the following is to explore. Conventional design, the machine sea differentiating degree is not high in spite of the Taiwan mobile phone from Google this big company’s hand, but from the view of the design, give people the feeling is still relatively conservative, ultra narrow border, what the hyperbolic elements not currently more innovation reflected in the Pixel, it face down in the vast sea differentiating degree is not high. The color, Pixel there are quite dark, really very blue, silver this three color versions available, color naming is quite simple and crude, and Technology (WeChat ID:leitech) get is "quite dark" version. However, the "pretty black" is not really a black color, such as the fuselage compared to iPhone 6, Pixel is a relatively dull black. The rear fuselage is also a black color, rich and gaudy or than those of pure color, the dim color is not easy to please the public eye, also gives people a feeling of cheap, more personal love Pixel’s "true blue" version. Pixel whole body only the bottom of the rear cover printed with a "G" character, the previous generation of Logo no longer exist, more to strengthen the brand attributes. A metal cover plastic feeling on the grip, and iPhone 7 is somewhat similar if you have used iPhone 6 6S 7, so when you get this Pixel, you will have a feeling of holding the hand, because of its size and the iPhone 7 is also very similar, with the edge of the rear lid for the arc, so in the hand when there is a sense of deja vu, but because the frame close to the screen side by cutting and chamfering process, so there will be a slight sense of fragmentation. Overall, the Pixel design is quite satisfactory, but it seems to make people feel very natural, some details are also handled in place, like the bottom of symmetrical design "double horn", have raised the camera, of course, there are some people Tucao place, for example: A: slot function key design on the screen, the function operation keys with a long chin Pixel is designed on the screen, on the one hand, the design takes a certain screen resources, on the other hand leads long chin exposed, affect the perception of the same time is also a waste of space, the SONY Z series mobile phone has been adopted in this design has been.相关的主题文章: