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Google announced a cloud computing service brand name more integrated artificial intelligence technology Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on September 30th, Google announced on Thursday, will be renamed the B2B cloud computing service brand, and through artificial intelligence technology to optimize the enterprise application. Google’s move is in order to better compete with Amazon and Microsoft and other competitors in the field of cloud computing. About Google cloud computing services to upgrade the brand, Google senior vice president Dayan Green (Diane Greene) said the business, to attract customers and strengthen technology, Google has made good progress. Cloud computing uses a remote server to save, manage and process data, Google provides a series of services such as word processing and e-mail, as well as data storage and a variety of tools for developers. The new brand name Google Cloud will replace the previous Google for Work. Green said that Google is rapidly narrowing the gap with competitors. Green is a former CEO VMware, and last year joined Google, the development of its cloud computing business. Analysts pointed out that Google’s share of the cloud computing market behind Amazon and Microsoft, but under the leadership of Green is developing rapidly. Although the scale of this business is not enough to occupy an important position in Google’s quarterly earnings, but the most recent quarter, Google reported other business revenue rose 33% year on year. Analysts believe that this is largely due to the strong performance of cloud computing business. Green is rapidly optimizing Google cloud computing business engineering development, and appointed a new leadership team. In a recent earnings conference call, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) said that this promoted the sale of Google. Earlier this month, Google acquired cloud computing software company Apigee Corp, the transaction price of $625 million. On Thursday, Google also announced cooperation with the consulting firm Accenture, for retail, health and financial and other vertical industry customers to develop cloud computing services. At the same time, Google announced the integration of more artificial intelligence technology to help employees work more efficiently. Google said that the use of machine learning techniques to mining data, the company’s application can prompt the user to open a file at a time of day, or according to user habits recommended meeting time. Google recently opened a new data center in Oregon, speed up service. Next year, Google will be in Virginia, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, St Paul, London, Finland and Frankfurt to enable more data centers. (Wei Jin)相关的主题文章: