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Golden week the latest open: when the eleven met the Sohu – Ao Lunda tribe native tourism eleven, do not have to stay in the high-speed road, not crowded in the huge crowds of people, do not have to die in idleness, not to regret in the Orangemen defeat…… When the eleven met Ao Lunda tribe golden week gold homeland law was born. October 1st – October 5th, the new daily scenery is not off the air, let each Ao Lunda tribes campesinos overflowing joy. The opening time of seventeenth China mysterious encounter in October 1st. Huailai grape (wine) New World Wine Festival Ao Lunda tribe culture festival opening ceremony in the private wine hometown Ao Lunda tribe grand curtain. Come to the opening ceremony of the Huailai county Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Mr. Dong Jixian, Mr. Li Jinbo, general manager of Huailai County Wine Bureau, member of the Ao Lunda tribe Ms. Liu Yingqi and other leaders, as well as National Jury, Great Wall Red Wine chief engineer Wang Huan Shannon and Ms. France grape wine, grape wine master and general manager MS Zhang Chen and other professional guests, in addition to fine settlement Ao Lunda tribe representatives also attended the opening ceremony: Friends of flower dance teacher, confused wilderness, Ms. Cheng Ping, the drama club scouts Ms. Zhang Hailan on behalf of Liu Bao, lady dance troupe of miss Liu Xiaoli, the football settlement on behalf of Li Xian, Meng Jie and other representatives of outdoor settlements. The scene is gathered a large coffee, star studded. Ni Xueli, chief winemaker Ao Lunda tribe for all guests issued 2016 private wine, these are all pure wine in 2015 last year, member screening, brew. By guest speech: "drink drink alcohol to private private wine, National Day; the dream and dance into our wine, make it more concentrated, more alcohol, more fragrant." finally, inaugurated by Li Jinbo, Liu Yingqi and settlement on behalf of guests, opened the curtain on the barrel, and the barrel posted on colored wine private label, the perfect ending ceremony. When night falls, beautiful homeland adds Ao Lunda tribe and mysterious charm. Sometimes, the world may face to hide themselves, but a masquerade but can release the real heart. In the fun games and elegant dance to a beautiful encounter, free and exciting. Take a mask and find me. A masquerade by members of the organization of the Ao Lunda tribe inspired all the people present passion, both members and villagers and tourists, we have joined the ranks of the dance, a dance under the stars of the day into the joy to the climax. My darling Clementine ink Dan with the popularity of health knowledge, running has become a new security Bible of health, beauty and red wine is also active weapon. So for smartfortune people, running my desire also, red wine is also what I want. Hometown wine marathon Ao Lunda tribe is to let you know that the two can get and! The original edge red wine while running the initiative, presumably will lead to a round of new fashion marathon. In October 2nd 19:30, in order to celebrate the sixty-seventh birthday of the motherland, "the original dance field. Ao Lunda tribe portrait interpretation of" Tai Chi Dance performances in the original stage of Tai Chi pull.相关的主题文章: