Gbc Ultima 35 Ezload Roll Laminator Product

Features: Ease of Use Operation: The POWER and READY lights allow the user to know when their GBC Ultima 35 EzLoad is fully operational and ready for use. With an approximate 1 minute warm up time, there is little waiting involved and you can begin your lamination projects almost immediately. Use the simple rocker switch to enable the Stop, Forward or Reverse functions of the laminator. The Temperature Control Knob makes it easy to adjust the heat settings for the various film thicknesses. If you are looking to eliminate costly service calls due to film jams or wraps caused by incorrectly loaded film then this laminator might be just for you. The Ultima 35 EzLoad films are designed with special sized and color coded end caps to make film loading fool-proof. The film cartridges will only fit into the appropriate and designated positions. The adjustable Feed Guide is a helpful tool to ensure that longer materials are aligned and fed into the laminator properly for flawless finished projects. The Ultima 35 EzLoad also has an integrated trimmer to allow users to cut laminated materials from the machine. Safety: Users are protected from inadvertently contacting the heating elements with the safety Heat Shield. To prevent overheating and offer peace of mind, the Ultima 35 EzLoad laminator is equipped with an Auto Shut-Off feature that turns the laminator off after 1 hour of non-use. Durability and Service: A limited 1 year warranty from GBC is included with the purchase of a new Ultima 35 EzLoad laminator. The well built Ultima 35EZ is capable of providing years of production use. If a service need should arise, you can rest assured that with GBCs nationwide service coverage, a qualified technician can be located in your area. Film Length/Thickness Options: The Ultima 35 EzLoad is limited only by the fact that the laminator will only accept the specifically designed GBC 12 EZLoad films. The current compatible films available are 1.7 mil., 3 mil., and 5 mil. thicknesses in both gloss and matte finishes. Cost: Most customers searching for a roll laminator to tackle their smaller laminating projects are looking for a laminator with a small footprint and price tag. With the introduction of the GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad 12 roll laminator both of these requirements have been met. You will not find a comparable laminator from manufacturers such as Banner, Tamerica or Akiles equipped with the above mentioned technology and features in the same classification and price range of the Ultima 35 EzLoad laminator. Recommendation: If you are shopping for a laminator capable of laminating materials larger than 12 wide, mounting or a unit designed for specialty applications you should consider a laminator in a separate category such as the GBC Ultima 65 27 Heat Roll laminator or a model in the GBC Catena series. Whether you desire to preserve personal documents and family photographs, protect school signage and banners or enhance your companys promotional materials you will be satisfied and pleased with your choice of the GBC Ultima 35 EZLoad 12 desktop roll laminator. 相关的主题文章: