Gao Hongbo whether the country needs to be added to determine the need to fix the player fatigue (vi-homefront

Gao Hongbo: whether or not to add the state of the players need to be resolved to solve the fatigue state [information] 1 million people exposed to grab the ball in the 50 thousand votes in the war to determine the fate of the country has been living with Zhang Yuning foot. Yesterday, the national foot soldiers arrived in Wuhan tower sub Lake training base, began in Wuhan, the first public training courses. The training is open to the media for more than and 30 minutes, the training content is the most basic restorative training. The foot soldiers in the running state when laughing and talking, more relaxed. Holland played for Vitesse teenager Zhang Yuning yesterday to return, according to coach Gao Hongbo, Zhang Yuning is in communication with the club, to arrive in Wuhan training. In the recent round of Eredivisie matches, Zhang Yuning did not get too many chances, but Gao Hongbo did not worry too much. He said that Zhang Yuning is not the first striker in the club, to some extent on his club or to cultivate, not playing is also normal, but Zhang Yuning at the club’s training quality is still relatively high. The national team training camp, Gao Hongbo has called up 24 players, only the Guangzhou Hengda Li Xuepeng did not come to Wuhan. Gao Hongbo also confirmed that Li Xuepeng could not participate in the national team training and competition. As for Li Xuepeng’s absence, will call the other players. Gao Hongbo said that the national team chief medical officer arrived in Wuhan today, which will be a comprehensive assessment of the two or three days of the entire team’s training status, and so on after the assessment of the decision to increase the players according to the circumstances. The preparations for the world cup, the national football training venue in Wuhan, it is generally believed that the Xi’an venue is the main reason for poor quality turf. Gao Hongbo said that for the Xi’an game site, the grass experts have made some suggestions, the current turf has been greatly improved, already has the conditions of the game. At the same time, there is also an important reason for the choice of Wuhan, is hoping to train a relaxed and closed environment. Gao Hongbo said, the players physical condition to recover quickly, as long as 72 hours to return to 90%, this time the most important is the attitude adjustment, psychological adjustment is not two days, three days, five days or eight days, everyone It differs from man to man. So for psychological adjustment more." For the current situation of the team, Gao Hongbo said that most of the players are very tired to reflect, in addition to physical muscle fatigue, more or from the spirit. Hengda, Luneng, the players on the port, this season has played nearly 50 games, the state of the body in a very poor condition. For them, the two games of October and November are the most difficult times. "How to adjust to the best, this is our top priority." Gao Hongbo said. Liaoshen Evening News reporter Gao Feng Shen, chat client相关的主题文章: