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From the listed trumpchi GS8, to see how the independent car prices open "conquer" road – Sohu car on the end of the month, the Hangzhou International Expo Center, with international famous director Jia Zhangke personally directed the world premiere of GS8 commercials, GAC trumpchi "flagship Deluxe 7 seat SUV GS8 officially listed, the new car price guide 16.38-25.98 million yuan. The same with the majority of listed car is trumpchi GS8 has received considerable attention, but it is different for the independent car enterprises to break even the entire car market will be more instructive. In the view of the car industry Jun, trumpchi GS8 is expected to China brand to establish the typical development model, which from the listed conference can see one or two. Star endorsement, independent car prices hit the brand brand with the development of Chinese automobile market, the independent car enterprises accumulated in R & D, manufacturing technology has made considerable progress, similar to the GAC trumpchi frontline brands of products can even direct competition and joint venture. But how to play a good brand and brand promotion is still an important issue faced by many car companies. The trumpchi GS8 is listed as independent car prices had a good start in the "how to play the brand brand". This is reflected in the conference, there are many highlights can be found. For example, GS8 commercials directed by the famous director Jia Zhangke personally at the press conference of the world premiere, endorsement and spacious international well-known director of the lens to the media and consumers to convey a signal: GS8 is different from the previously listed domestic car, it is to conquer. The internationally renowned director Jia Zhangke back at the scene after all, the high-profile products behind its brand spirit are inseparable, and broadcast endorsement internationally famous director and commercials will let GS8 revealed the spirit of the brand further embodiment, can also be more widely promoted GS8 products to enhance the brand image of this tone at the same time. In fact, in the opinion of the car industry Jun, director of the international endorsement or propaganda film world premiere or behind the brand promotion strategy to have product support, so in this respect GS8 how? Super Deluxe, 7 seat, GS8 has set a typical model China created its own brand to move as everyone knows, has been presented for a long time, but still lacks a success, especially in the field of SUV, from China towards the creation of China manufacturing "goal" has always been difficult to fall. But with the trumpchi GS8 market, this situation will be completely broken or. I say this not just because the trumpchi GS8 listing conference has many bright spots, but also because of the starting price of 163 thousand and 800 and GS8 itself unexpectedly has been recognized as the industry’s high power. Specifically, trumpchi GS8 as a flagship Deluxe 7 seat SUV, located in the C SUV market, currently the main competing products and Highlander sharp boundary of two joint venture SUV, but the two joint venture SUV seven models were started in 250 thousand on GS8, compared with nearly 100 thousand the price gap with the auto market increasingly!相关的主题文章: