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From a business fair insight into new business transformation pattern – entity of the Sohu of science and technology in 2016 has been in the past half, if you want to ask so far this year, appeared in the field of science and technology and the economy of the most high-frequency words, I am afraid no one would question the "innovation" and "intelligent". Mobile Internet is taking the next opportunity to change the Internet era, the entity does not silence. Insight into the future of the real estate industry is the best wind vane, is undoubtedly the end of the fly where the business fair. As one of the largest commercial areas of the industry’s largest industry event, flying where the business fair to give the industry a deep insight into the future direction of the physical business, and thus insight into the overall development trend of the great opportunity. The conference attracted 45 thousand participants, more than 8000 well-known brands and more than 3000 national and regional agencies attended the meeting, everyone gathered here, the purpose is not only investment and cooperation, facing the electricity supplier step by step, entity ulterior motives, that future development potential, everyone is actively participating the source of power. From the point to the surface, the development and application of wisdom opened entity industry transformation of any technology outlet must experience the process of qualitative to quantitative application of wisdom, science and technology in the field of commercial entities also follow the same principle. The Expo site taking fifast depth experience a fifast business solution six wisdom wisdom scene, a deep sense of where the fly was born less than a year’s open platform, its intelligent degree has been completely from the past, queuing, parking tickets, coupons of these basic wisdom application development as one of the six great wisdom application scenarios fusion of smart shopping, parking, movies, wisdom wisdom wisdom catering, medical wisdom, wisdom of the hotel, from covering the various consumer scene consumers offline intelligence application system, which is not only the wisdom of the magnitude of the change, it is the wisdom of the upgrade of the system, the results not only to achieve the internal closed loop single wisdom scene, more is to allow consumers to experience the whole process of the implementation of all aspects of wisdom to get through. Imagine a customer starts to enter the shopping center, wisdom, wisdom of the film and entertainment to shopping from the wisdom of parking, to the wisdom of catering, or medical wisdom, a collection of closed shopping scene and consumption of the whole process of the line on this form, and with this ring Wanda financial maturity payment and credit system to solve the wisdom of closed loop financial services, operation of escort and fly all efforts to build Wi-Fi, parking, supply chain set of solutions for the wisdom of the closed-loop, show the shock is not really small. Even more to the author’s feelings, the industry is full of wisdom and open to the wisdom of the solution provided by the aircraft, only two days of activity, where the negotiations have completed the flight of the signing of the 648. Flying by virtue of its full set of smart business solutions already in the entity + Internet mode, the formation of a new industry outlet. A key to the transformation of innovation entity, but innovation is far more than a public entrepreneurship, innovation. Under the background of the era of innovation, innovation is also the key to the development of solid transformation. At this time, the people’s Republic of China’s consumer economy innovation and development forum, Peking University, honorary president of Guanghua School of Management, the famous economist Li Yining from product personalization 0相关的主题文章: