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Fowler: good coach Lippi Chinese Liverpool need to keep a good state of sports Sohu 2016 Mission Hills World All Star game will be closed today. The tournament total of Paul? Scholes, Dwight, Robbie, Fowler of York?? Lewis? Garcia, Robbie Fowler, David?? Mei Li? SHARP and Gary McCALLISTER? The 7 former Manchester United, Liverpool and Barcelona football star competition. Robbie at yesterday’s press conference, Fowler, David?? Mei and Louise Garcia talked about the China football, Manchester United and Liverpool and other hot topics. The following is an interview record. Q: yesterday you played a game with the Chinese players, how do you evaluate their performance and what are their suggestions for the future? Garcia: it’s a wonderful moment for us to play a game with a group of young players in china. We saw some players very talented. The most important thing is that they want to play, and enjoy the game, football in China today is developing very fast, and we can see the Chinese national team every year progress. Fowler: we suggest to play children: for more training and happiness within, if you love to play and can play more games, you will become stronger, we see the children playing football yesterday is very good, this training infrastructure based on hardware, we can foresee the future there will be more strong. May: I agree with Robbie and Lewis said, the key is the children to go outdoors and enjoy playing sports, see the smile on their faces, you can see, yesterday’s children are in the enjoyment of the game. As retired players, we are concerned about the young people because they are our future, it is important that their diet should be reasonable and healthy to take care of themselves, do the right thing. If they can do that, they will have a chance to become a professional player. Q: who are the best golfers of the three of you? What kind of athletes are the best for golf? Fowler: at this level the best golf players should be David? Mei, if in the UK, we can call him a robber, in Spain, he can call the China in, can describe him as a liar. Of course, it’s a joke. David’s handicap is probably the best of us. But as long as you take part in any sport, it will motivate you to be competitive, to be competitive and to be better. I think this kind of athletes, such as baseball, hand, eye and ball with a strong ability to coordinate the people to play golf. Q: do you often play golf? Who is your favorite golfer? May: I play it almost once a week. I have two kids who drive around every week, so it’s a bit unrealistic to play golf. My favorite golfer…… I really like Andrew Johnson, people call him Beef. He played the right way, and a smile on his face. He is very young and I think he will be a successful player in the future..相关的主题文章: