Four kinds of delicious food for baby pumpkin

Four kinds of delicious pumpkin food supplement [Abstract] for baby pumpkin is rich in vitamin E, it can help the normal pituitary hormone secretion, to maintain normal growth and development of the baby’s condition, this small series introduces four kinds of pumpkin food practices, the mother can try at home. Three, crisp pumpkin is suitable for above 10 months baby food, suitable for tongue mashed period. Star ingredients: pumpkin…… 100 ingredients: Starch with Zuo husband…… 20 grams of edible oil…… A few points: 1 to the pumpkin flesh, skin, wash, cut into small 0.6~0.8cm; 2 for each pumpkin body evenly coated with dry starch; 3 oil to 8 mature, transfer a small fire into the pumpkin fried until golden yellow. Four, nutrition pumpkin rice for more than 12 months of baby food, suitable for free chewing period. Star ingredients: pumpkin…… 50 ingredients: rice with Zuo husband…… 50 grams of beans…… A little oil…… A little salt…… A few points: 1, pumpkin peeled, seeded, diced; 2, rice after cleaning, hot standby; 3 to 7 into the pan, stir fry 1 minutes into the pumpkin pieces; 4, add washed rice and stir well, add about 100 ml of water; 5, boiled for half an hour later, adding that green beans stir fry a. Xiaobian summary: more than four pumpkin food is simple, taste is good, very suitable for the baby to eat.相关的主题文章: