Foreign companies monopolize 95% patent drugs and medical equipment how to break the curse of tonya mitchell

Foreign companies monopolize 95% patent medicines and medical equipment   two – how to break the spell of Finance — original title: foreign companies monopolize 95% patent medicines and medical equipment two spell how to break "if people rely on health Chinese are standard and treatment instrument of foreigners equipment and drugs, where the national health talk about? Comprehensive well-off and how to talk about? In this sense, the upcoming meeting coincided with the time, very necessary." Chen Guoqiang said that this is the president of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, academician, the meeting will be held on October 13th – 14 national health and health technology innovation conference. On the eve of the National Day holiday, National Commission of Health Science and education division, the Chinese Medical Association, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association jointly organized a forum of experts on science and technology innovation, how to better play the supporting and leading role in the construction of health China. The National Health Planning Commission Director Qin Huaijin science and education division does not live again about two 95% could dilemma at the meeting: 95% Chinese patent medicine, 95% medical equipment monopolized by foreign companies, and it is an important cause of expensive. "" 12th Five-Year "period, we had a tremendous effort to come up with 24 domestic and international first class 1 new, very great, but this is only the point of breakthrough." Qin Huaijin said that the full break foreign monopoly, medical science and technology innovation task is very heavy. Statistics show that in 2015, China’s total pharmaceutical and medical device market was 13775 yuan and $308 billion. Such a large market in the hands of foreign enterprises, how to do? Gao Fu, deputy director of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, science and technology innovation to highlight the creation, to form a theory, lead the world, can not always stay in the imitation stage. Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University Professor Fan said that the purpose of innovation is the application of the invention of the patent and many of our doctors, but the conversion rate of only 5% – 10%. For example, in the "11th Five-Year" "12th Five-Year" period, major AIDS and viral hepatitis and other major infectious diseases prevention and control project of science and technology there are many invention patents, but also in many signs of new drugs, kit and so on, but can be approved, so far there is no a few. We do for a long time, invented, transformed, but also with the enterprise cooperation, but it is difficult to obtain." Fan Jia said, there are conceptual problems, we can not because there is no foreign we do not grant, if not from the concept of innovation, research and development, to the approval, pricing, the whole process, it is difficult to achieve a true application. Beijing Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Dean, Dong Jiahong put forward should pay more attention to the clinical research, clinicians pay more attention to the role of innovation in health care. Institute of Basic Medical Sciences China academician Qiang Boqin further pointed out that clinicians should do not necessarily clinical, for all clinicians for promotion, everyone write papers, do not put all the doctors are pushed to basic research. This view was seconded by nuclear medicine of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, chief physician Zhu Zhaohui. He said that now the enthusiasm of clinicians has not been excavated, should be more incentive policies相关的主题文章: