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FIFA: Chinese soccer too want to win, Chinese fans cheer anti pressure – Sports Sohu today, FIFA official website of the author pays attention to the night of the 12 strong Asian Games, talked about the performance of the national football team, FIFA’s official website that China crumble under pressure, too want to win gave Gao Hongbo too much pressure, but now lost after the China team must in the next game against Uzbekistan, otherwise basically out. When it comes to Iran, Japan and South Korea’s performance, FIFA’s official website for the recognition of the three teams, will be described as Asia’s three Titanic, in yesterday’s game, three traditional teams have to qualify the situation is bright. In addition, FIFA also focused on the Syria 1-0 beat the Chinese team. "Syria are brave, they beat the Chinese team, and they renewed their hopes of going to russia. Syria and the Orangemen are want to get 3 points, but Syria caught Chinese goalkeeper Gu Chao mistakes, Syria won the victory, now morale." For the performance of the national football, FIFA’s official website said: "Chinese team to get the first win 12 match, the fans become gas pressure, pressure China team was defeated, and now, China team faces the must win situation, it is a must win in Uzbekistan, you will be ahead of out." For other competitors, the same group of FIFA that has lost the basic "Qatar’s World Cup opportunity, while South Korea is proved to be the king of the Asian World Cup, Iran Uzbekistan broke the record, it will be full of confidence against South korea."相关的主题文章: