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Fate: Southwest University of Political Science and Law girls three generations of a family of hereditary alumni of Chongqing daily news many things in the world are very clever. This does not, yesterday, this year officially entered the civil and commercial law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law freshman Shi Heming read 2016 undergraduate is lucky and Grandpa, parents become alumni. Three generations of a family with my parents yesterday and soon, her Grandpa also invited to participate in the administration of the new opening ceremony. Yesterday, Southwest University of Political Science and Law held the opening ceremony and the opening ceremony of the new military training. President Fu Zitang in his speech to more than 6400 students, remember "learned, Dusing, morality, law" my motto, and the heart of the world, unremitting self-improvement, rigorous and realistic, the modern spirit, work together with one heart "" is full of glory "qualified my people. Pay Zitang also hope that students should have full and glorious aspirations, and anyone looking for mentality, the joy of reading, music, music of struggle, the final harvest of youthful beauty, beauty, beauty of life growth, efforts to build themselves into line with the needs of the community, to settle down in the fierce competition in society. Can be good citizens for the country and the people to make contributions. Different from the previous opening ceremony is seated on the rostrum of the administrative leadership to replace my teacher, Professor, School of respect for knowledge. The opening ceremony, the 1991 School Alumni Ms. Liu Yan on behalf of the new parents said, her father Liu Dapeng is the school 1959 alumni, she and her husband is a member of the class of 1991, and daughter Shi Heming is 2016 freshmen, three generations of a family of 4 people, all with my affinity. The story Grandpa: extracurricular activity course is to move the brick school Liu Dapeng: 79 year old West (then Southwest College) Department of politics and the students of grade 1959 in the 79 year old Liu Dapeng, yesterday also invited to participate in the new opening ceremony. Memories of their university commencement ceremony, the old man feel now college students simply too happy". Liu Dapeng said, from 1950 until 1959 began to my school, they entered the school, school infrastructure is still not perfect, teaching building, office buildings and other facilities are very poor, even find a decent place to hold the opening ceremony is very difficult, even after the president gave a short speech at the open learning." Liu Dapeng said that they had just entered the campus, the school is in the main building. "In addition to class activities for a whole semester classes or sports, students are going to move back to repair the floor brick ciqikou." Liu Dapeng said that until they are about to graduate, the school’s public buildings to be repaired. Today, the office is still in use in the administration of Shapingba campus. Parents: go to campus into two fun Shi Jingshan: 45 year old Liu Yan: 43 years old my grade 1991 students of 45 year old history of Jingshan Hill and his wife Liu Yanjun is my 1991 grade students. Shi Jingshan from Jilin, was admitted to the west, quickly to the class beautiful and quiet fond of Liu Yan. Later, two people talked about love, encourage each other in learning in their spare time, two people love in the campus Avenue and walk around the lake, have a deep affection for my. 1995 English相关的主题文章: