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The British | extraordinary Pujiang innovation forum brings together global innovation power technology Sohu in September 23rd, with "double drive: Science and technology innovation and system innovation mechanism as the theme of the 2016 Pujiang Innovation Forum opened in Shanghai. By the Ministry of science and technology and the Shanghai municipal government jointly organized high-level, open, international science and technology innovation forum, the extraordinary Sino British Innovation Forum officially kicked off. One hundred of the world politics, business and academic celebrities gathered in the Huangpu River, talk about innovation, to discuss cooperation, Chinese science and technology minister Wan Gang and British Secretary of state Jo Johnson and University of science as the two countries minister led the discussion on starting two innovation engine. Cocoon Networks as the host country partners in the UK, the whole power of Pujiang innovation forum and extraordinary innovation forum in english. If innovation is the key to economic growth, international cooperation is the key to successful innovation. Britain has always been in the history of the pace of innovation, every firm footprint is to promote the progress of human society gear. From the design and development of manufacturing core technology innovation, investment financing and management consulting, the British global industry professionals in the field of manufacturing in the automotive industry, aviation and maritime areas, airport construction, high-speed rail project, tip. With 1% of the world’s population and about 3% of the world’s research funding, the UK has produced the world’s 8% published papers and cited the world’s top 16% papers. At the forefront of innovation and technology in the world is the British Pujiang Innovation Forum of the host country. As early as in London technology week in June of this year the European Conference on science and technology, London, UK connection rooted for many years Cocoon Networks full Co Pujiang Innovation Forum of the British sub forum, and the unveiling of the upcoming Cocoon Networks London in the Shanghai Innovation Center (London), Shanghai Technology Exchange Center in London, to help create transnational innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain. Chinese science and technology minister Wan Gang said in his speech, the Sino British cooperation in the field of science and technology should be further, from the "golden age" and a "platinum era"; UK universities and science minister Jo Johnson said: "the UK is Chinese and science innovation partners, every month to become more powerful, we are together to deal with global challenges, the development of new technology for the future." Visit together with him, and the British government’s chief scientific adviser Mark Walport, and 150 from the UK’s top scientists, Professor inventor Kostya Novoselov including Nobel prize winner, a single atomic layer graphene materials. Innovation is internationalization and localization practice. From concept to commercialization, the international cooperation between China and Britain spans the academic, business and political circles. Cocoon Networks is a bridge between China and Britain to build innovation, industry and capital to accelerate local and global innovation. Cocoon CEO believes that this is a powerful technology that makes use of Britain’s powerful technology"相关的主题文章: