Exchange set 300 thousand restriction order threshold level of 80% passengers or be blocked outside

Exchange set up 300 thousand restriction order threshold level of 80% passengers or be blocked outside the door of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter He Xiaoqing reported in Guangzhou such as the introduction to the implementation of new regulations, 80% of investors will not be able to trade inside the liquidity will be greatly reduced. 300 thousand securities class asset threshold is the biggest limit, which will significantly reduce the participants in the classification fund, reducing the activity of the classification fund and liquidity." In September 12th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange last week released "grading fund business management guidelines (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "guidelines"), a Shenzhen fund company insiders told reporters bluntly twenty-first Century economic report. Compared with the futures trading qualification, although the risk of classification fund transactions is relatively low, but the ‘daily securities assets’ this qualification requirements are more stringent. As far as I know, the relevant agencies may be further feedback." The source said. The source further said that the "guide" on the classification of active trading Shenzhen varieties the impact will be greater. As of September 9th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock exchange grading fund share of nearly 160 billion, the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the balance of only about 3000000000 copies, the Shenzhen stock exchange share is more than 150 billion. According to the data disclosed in the same industry, the performance of the 28 tier fund market performance of the principle, that is, the proportion of the size of the proportion of the size of the number of customers accounted for 80%, the proportion of the size of the 80% is held by the customer of 20%." The source said. According to the implementation of the new regulations, the number of investors accounted for 80% of the transaction can not be traded, liquidity will be greatly reduced." CICC researcher Zhang Jiqiang believes that after the implementation of new regulations, path performance the impact on the market, "B >, classification of weak overall classification of the fund; discount > merger redemption arbitrage > grade A positive active". In particular, before the implementation of the policy, the mood is more favorable for the classification of A, will promote the price of the center of the grade A move up. Arbitrage participation threshold raise, the guidelines also raised the threshold of arbitrage participants." September 12th, Cathay Pacific Fund, deputy director of the Department of investment and quantify the beam of apricot told reporters. "The parent fund main function is used to merge and split, the original venue classification of the parent fund purchase threshold in Shenzhen most is 50 thousand yuan, in Shanghai is 50 thousand copies, now turned into a 300 thousand yuan of assets in order to participate in the" Liang Xing said. "Similarly, investors if you want to pass the off-site hosting scene in another spin off arbitrage would also have to meet the conditions of 300 thousand yuan, can apply for partition function." Liang Xing is expected to bear grade B demand is not strong, the threshold value, the lack of demand is expected to further aggravate the situation, or cause the parent fund than the average discount threshold before the implementation of expanded. The grading premium of the graded parent fund is determined by the price of the graded A and the graded B, because the grading A is relatively stable, so most of the time the price is decided by the grading B. B in the market when the opportunity for intermittent rise, easy to bring the price of a brief theory相关的主题文章: