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Even the dog money did not miss "EVA" launched by director Ano Hidea around the pet clothes animation "Evangelion" influence until today is not small, although before the animation is also a kind of unfinished, but there has been no official plans to restart, but rather in the launch of the surrounding farther down the road. Before the launch of the children’s clothing, bathing agent, this kind of razor are fairly common around, then launched a special EVA natural tomato, now even pets have to make money. Recently, the EVA store shelves for dogs wear early and unit two winter clothes. "EVA" launched "EVA" launched around the pet clothing around the launch of the pet clothes is "EVA" in the beginning and unit two as the theme of the dog winter clothes, wearing pattern as shown in the figure is still very simple. Dog clothes is expected in early February 2017 arrival, saying that will also wear a few days. It is worth mentioning that the clothes material is not what ordinary cloth is sounds tall on the CoolMaX. CoolMaX has a strong permeability and good moisture control, the human body can produce excessive heat and sweat away from the skin, transmitted to the surface of the fabric, which quickly evaporated. CoolMaX moisture treatment has the advantage of being able to remove moisture, and cotton is only to absorb moisture. In winter, CoolMaX is very suitable for out of the sports clothing fabrics, it is quite in line with the "EVA" high-tech sense. (source: animation star editor: Sen) "EVA" launched "EVA" launched around the pet clothes around the pet anorak Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: