ECB Executive Committee the European Central Bank easing efforts in March will remain

ECB Executive Committee: the European Central Bank in March will remain unchanged in February 3rd easing Huitong hearing – the European central bank executive committee mersch said on Tuesday (February 2nd) in March will be re evaluated and may modify the European Central Bank stimulus measures, the March meeting will talk about all the options. However, do not think the ECB will increase monetary easing in March. Investors believe that investors have underestimated the impact of easing measures in December, and there are many good developments in the economy and the money supply. The euro zone inflation rate may go into negative range between the spring and early summer, according to romer. "Negative inflation" puts us in the eurozone uneasy". And low oil prices have brought about some positive effects. There have been several factors that have intensified since December. Some of the ECB’s December policies will last until 2019, and will continue to maintain a loose monetary policy. As pointed out by any independent initiative, the ECB will review and reconsider monetary policy stance without any hints. The European Central Bank has no restrictions on the breadth or quantity of policy tools in the case of suitability. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

欧央行执委:欧洲央行3月将维持宽松力度不变   汇通网2月3日讯――欧洲央行执委默施周二(2月2日)表示,将在三月份重新评估并可能修改欧洲央行的刺激措施,三月份的会议上所有选项都会谈及。不过,不要认为欧洲央行将在三月份加大货币宽松力度。   默施认为投资者低估了12月宽松措施的影响,经济和货币供应存在诸多良好的进展。   默施称,欧元区通胀率可能在春季和夏季初期之间转至负区间。负通胀率“将我们卷入欧元区不安之中”。而低油价明显带来了一些积极的影响。   默施表示,自12月以来有几个因素已经加剧,欧洲央行12月的一些政策将持续至2019年,且将继续保持宽松货币政策。   默施指出,正如制定任何独立的举措一样,欧洲央行会在没有任何提示的情况下检讨并可能重新考虑货币政策立场。欧洲央行在认为适合的情况下动用政策工具的广度或数量上没有限制。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: