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Eat more fruits and vegetables, reading ability – Food Channel – People’s original title: eat more fruits and vegetables, reading ability, recently, Finland, a new study found that a healthy diet helps improve children’s reading ability. The new study included Finlandia University East "children’s physical activity and nutrition research" and the University of Jyvaskyla "first step research", involving 161 6~8 year old children. The researchers analyzed the food quality of children who were tested by a food diary, and tested their learning skills by standardized tests. Dietary pattern is closer to the "Baltic dietary guidelines" and Finland nutrition advice — eat more vegetables, fruits, berries, fish, whole grains and unsaturated fat, eat less red meat, sweets and saturated fat, more healthy children. The results showed that, compared with children with unhealthy eating habits, the children with healthy diet had higher scores in reading skills test. Study leader Dr hapala said, the arrow? Factors of social economic status, physical activity, obesity and health degree into account, the results still hold. Therefore, parents, schools, government and enterprises should try their best to provide children with healthy food, which is an important factor for children to learn and improve their academic performance. * (Chen Zihan) (Wang Yawei, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: