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Medicine The simple application of duct tape was more effective than cryotherapy in the treatment of the common wart. Cutaneous warts are a common diagnosis in the pediatric population, and many therapies exist for the treatment of these warts. Anecdotal reports have suggested the effectiveness of tape occlusion therapy. The warts that ultimately responded to tape therapy typically showed at least partial resolution after 2 to 3 weeks of treatment. Warts that were unchanged in appearance by the 3-week mark were unlikely to respond. Several potential benefits exist for using duct tape over cryotherapy. Duct tape is more practical for parents and patients to use, especially when compared with the multiple clinic visits required for freezing of a wart. In today’s busy society, it can be difficult for parents to keep follow-up appointments every 2 weeks for cryotherapy of their children’s warts. The lower success rate of the cryotherapy arm is likely partially attributable to longer-than-optimal intervals between treatments in some patients. There was better compliance with the prescribed treatment regimen within the duct tape group, primarily due to the ease of administration. Another benefit of tape occlusion therapy is that it is much less costly than cryotherapy. The treatment can be undertaken in the home using inexpensive duct tape. Finally, tape occlusion therapy appears to be less threatening to a young child than freezing. The use of duct tape for the treatment of warts was generally well received by patients. Studies indicate that duct tape is an effective treatment for warts that can be used as an alternative treatment to cryotherapy. Location of the wart might be related to efficacy of therapy. Although both cryotherapy and tape occlusion therapy are well-tolerated treatments, the adverse-effect profile for tape occlusion therapy appears to be better. A variety of adverse effects with cryotherapy of warts have been previously reported, including pain during the procedure, erythema, hemorrhagic blister formation, dyspigmentation, recurrence of the wart, infection, and nail dystrophy when treating periungual warts. Although most patients tolerate the cryotherapy well, children 6 years and younger will typically remember previous applications as painful. The only adverse effect observed in the duct tape group was a minimal amount of local irritation and erythema. Practical considerations limiting the use of duct tape therapy include difficulty for some patients in keeping the tape on, potential for exacerbation of underlying skin conditions such as eczema, and the cosmetic impracticality of using duct tape on the face. In conclusion, although many therapies exist for the eradication of warts, the use of duct tape appears promising as a safe and nonthreatening treatment modality for children. Duct tape occlusion therapy was shown to be more effective than cryotherapy in the treatment of verruca vulgaris, and it caused few adverse effects. Medicinal plants deliver profound results to cure a vast array of ailments; recent scientific studies demonstrate this very fact. Nature offers a cure for warts, and various remedies for all sorts of ailments. The beauty of these naturally occurring extracts is that they not only deliver incredible results to eradicate specific ailments, but do so without undesired side effects. Warts occurring on the body, face, feet, hands or genitals can be successfully eliminated with AntiWarts-Rx. This product is made from strictly certified organic antiviral plant material and concentrated with naturally occurring monoterpene ketones which have tremendous antiviral effects against the wart virus, HPV, as demonstrated in published scientific studies. As some go their entire life without ever having a wart, while others seem prone to the infection, it is commonly believed occurrences of warts are associated with a lower immunity against HPV. As a result, ImmunoDrops for Warts is a powerful organic dietary supplement developed by NaturesPharma exclusively to combat HPV and strengthen immune parameters for those afflicted with warts. A cure for warts made from plant extract compounds represent molecules of life itself, which are in perfect biochemical harmony with the human system. The antiviral properties of these treatments are undisputed and basic common sense must be considered when using any treatment, natural or synthetic. To learn more, please go to ..forcesofnatureusa… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: