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UnCategorized You’re finally going on that tropical vacation you’ve been planning for, but now the question remains: what do I bring to wear? If you’ve never been to a beach resort or condo, here are some tips for you. — First of all, you’ve probably already done a little research on your tropical destination, but now think of its culture and feel in terms of what would be appropriate to wear there? You must consider not only the locale, but also the type of place where you will be staying as well as your own lifestyle choices. For example, Hawaii is pretty low-key in general; unless you are staying at a swanky hotel, you will probably look just fine in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. — Will you be enjoying fancy restaurants or be going clubbing? Many resort areas and tropical destinations cater to a high end clientele and offer the very best in fine dining and entertainment. If this is your scene, you’ll want to make sure to pack a slinky dress that is sexy yet practical. Many travel catalogues offer delicate confections that can be rolled up in a suitcase and don’t require ironing. Don’t forget to pack a pair of silver or gold sandals that are .fortable and have a tropical feel, yet are appropriate to wear in any evening context. Make sure you have a pedicure before leaving home, so that your toes will look perfect at all times! — Daytime wear is just about the same anywhere: shorts, bathing suit, top, and sandals. If you plan on doing any high end shopping, however, you will want to bring along a neat little sundress or other dressier casual outfits. — Bring more than one bathing suit with you! It is always risky to rely on purchasing a swimsuit at your destination: the local styles may not suit your particular figure. If you are .fortable with your body, nothing beats a bikini for working on that tan. A one-piece with a halter top can double as a top when paired with a wrap-around skirt, and can take you from beach to lunch in a minute. — Bring one light jacket or thin sweater in case the breezes off the ocean turn a little cool in the evenings. Many people travel to the tropics during the winter months when the weather at home is freezing cold and f.et that the weather during their vacation will never require all that layering; so pack your suitcase, then take half the things out again because you probably won’t need them! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: