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Dongyu Zhou dropped 14 year old body curse, Yan value advanced clothing products! Sohu recently by Dongyu Zhou Shuabing wood, the movie "in July and she" and the TV series "sparrow" Qi line, either a movie or television drama of the rebellious teenage bully female agents Dongyu Zhou who have no "under the Hawthorn Tree" of the shadow in addition to work, the beauty of butter is love most of her street shooting, confident, full of people do not want to let up the 14 year old little girl body beautiful girls fall essential shirt, color, stripe or solid section can be, A word skirt, pleated skirt collocation, don’t worry about the morning trouble half the shirt outside the ride knitted vest. Skirts and vests are ground colors, not abrupt fall Strapless T also pose when necessary, now the weather is not too cold in Shenzhen (in fact also quickly Hot dog! Along with clothing products on the line, as well as her face value. Remember to see "the Hawthorn Tree", the beauty of her no memory of Yan sauce, now pour into showbiz a stream ~ meticulous skin makeup, not afraid to face value is high, the skin must be good! Dongyu Zhou can almost be said to be a good actress in the female star, Su Yan did not fear. The young woman often acne pox pits or oil pores caused by her basically no, skin looks very transparent ~ beauty of some butter buddy, in fact, a very good, but don’t love the sun and often stay up all night, skin is rough, so toss down a few years will greatly change the skin, very unfortunately ~ so, to have a good skin, still need to protect! Dongyu Zhou said back, she has such a skin foundation, makeup is basically go fresh line, looked very comfortable ~ Clinique daily light sunscreen SPF25 sunscreen can make a good skin ah ~ although the product is called cream, but it is from the composition of hundred-percent sunscreen products, add 7.3% titanium dioxide 6.9% Zinc Oxide, SPF is SPF25, although not marked PA, but with UVA protection ability. Add a lot of antioxidant and anti irritating ingredients, is suitable for sensitive skin, and apply to the skin of the eye. The sun also joined the iron oxide pigment, so the color similar to the color of liquid foundation, can avoid the whitening physical sunscreen, can be suitable for most people of color, of course a few special white or black to consider the special. Special eyeliner, slim Dongyu Zhou also discharge small eyes she is certified, but she with small eyes play her own characteristics. The beauty found her makeup sauce focuses on eyeliner, eyeliner and her very special ~ at first glance her eyeliner is ordinary flying eyeliner, but flying in the last Eyeliner eyeliner is upturned, her is in the posterior segment of the eye 23 position began to go up, can improve her eye because of double and slightly the point of the triangle, more dazzling! Stila all over the sky Waterproof Eyeliner Eyeliner Waterproof Eyeliner, easy to相关的主题文章: