Dong Jianhua the oath of the storm is very painful for the future of Hongkong optimistic expectation sweets parade

Dong Jianhua: the oath of storm very sad for the future of Hongkong hold optimistic expectations – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong, November 11 (reporter Ceng Ping) CPPCC Vice Chairman Dong Jianhua said in Hongkong on 11 may, the members elect in a solemn oath to the Legislative Council openly insulted the Chinese people advocate the "Hong Kong Independence", feel very sad. Dong Jianhua attended the day he initiated the establishment of the United Nations Fund Hongkong two anniversary dinner and delivered a speech. He said that the Legislative Council sworn storm is not only a conflict with national security and territorial integrity of the impact of the major issues issues of right and wrong, "one country two systems" basis, and damage the interests of the general public in Hongkong. Dong Jianhua said that Hongkong in recent years, combined with his "groundless talk" contact, communication and thinking from the aspects of income, to share his views on the future of Hongkong. He said that, in fact, I always optimistic about the future of Hongkong’s expectations, for two reasons, "one country, two systems" have confidence, confidence in the wisdom of the people of Hongkong. Dong Jianhua refers to, first and foremost, the central government’s determination to stick to the "one country, two systems". "One country two systems" and the basic law of Hongkong is the root foundation, we must seriously adhere to, do not let a handful of inciting Hong Kong Independence who caused no damage to the destiny of the. Dong Jianhua said, "one country, two systems" to protect the economy and competitiveness of the rule of law in Hongkong. The idea of "one country, two systems" is that the state retains the characteristics and advantages of Hongkong under the premise of resuming the exercise of sovereignty over Hongkong. The key idea in the premise of "two words, the first one, after the two systems, that is to say, Hongkong is a special administrative region China sovereignty, if the Hongkong from this relationship, it is no longer" one country ", in violation of the principle of sovereignty, the" two systems "will not exist again. Dong Jianhua pointed out that in adhere to the "one country two systems" at the same time, need to clearly understand the attitude of the state of national interests is the problem firmly and steadfastly. He quoted Deng Xiaoping in April 1987 meeting with the Hongkong SAR Basic Law Drafting Committee of the statement, the central government does not interfere with the specific affairs of the SAR, do not need to intervene. However, the Special Administrative Region will also be harmful to the fundamental interests of the country?…… If the central power to give up, there may be some confusion, damage the interests of Hongkong." Dong Jianhua believes that Deng Xiaoping’s speech confirms what happened today in Hongkong. He was referring to the oath of storm and the so-called "national self-determination" opinions, it is detrimental to the interests of our country and Hongkong, the central government will do a clear explanation and strict norms, and is responsible for the long-term development of Hongkong but no harm approach. Absolutely in favor of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China on the interpretation of the basic law 104th. "This is the only proper way to get everything out of chaos, anyway." Dong Jianhua said he did not agree with the interpretation of the law will affect the independence of the judiciary in Hongkong and the pressure on judges. He pointed out that the interpretation of the law is part of the legal system of Hongkong, are concentrated in the central government is responsible for the matter, will not hinder the rule of law. The judge is not an enemy, the law of the interpretation of the "Hong Kong Independence", the content of the law is only for the "Hong Kong independence". )相关的主题文章: