Does your child have any gum when he opens his mouth Don’t take this seriously! Sohu –

Does your child have any gum when he opens his mouth? Don’t take this seriously! The Qiao Qiao Mom – Sohu baby dad is a typical "daughter slave", which is natural to see her daughter very pleasing to the eye, in his eyes, babe is the world’s most beautiful little princess. Fortunately, I am still quite rational when the mother, always be able to point in time to put some cold water to let him sober up, or he is really some smug. This does not, last night my daughter and I play games, babe was laughing, her pretty dad could not help but start up the little lover in my ear to boast: you see my daughter laugh, a really beautiful eyebrow! I carefully looked at a low voice, he deliberately run gums are exposed, but also beauty? Beauty can not be exposed gums oh! I just say no, can see a few eye I realized each babe laughing really will gums, even the always fooling dad also said some looked really pretty obvious. Well, it looks like you can’t get out of the dentist this weekend. I don’t think this fucking neuroticism when you find out the following questions, perhaps than I am anxious to bring your child to the dentist. Q01: what is a gummy smile? As the name implies, is exposed on the laugh when the gum meat. In fact, many people laugh at the time of life, how much of the gum will be exposed, if the gum exposed > 5mm, it will be more apparent, the visual beauty of the people will be greatly reduced. QO1: what is the effect of dew when you laugh? Does it still use words? Take a look at the following chart to understand. Fairy sister Liu Yifei, do not laugh or smile is really perfect and flawless, but was somewhat reduced after laughing gum points. When I speak mouth beauty Chen Yao, she smiles, I couldn’t help but notice on her mouth and gums… Hongkong days after Joey Yung, although not a big beauty, but do not laugh when the plane is also a bit amazing photos. To find out these photos, really do not want to black who just want to tell you that a most intuitive way: a smile gum is flawed ah, Yan value in that moment the gums were significantly low. In addition to the impact of color value, obvious "gummy smile" will lead to tooth inclination caused by dental malocclusion, not only affects the appearance of teeth teeth can even affect the function. Q03: why does a child have a "gummy smile?" For young children, if you laugh when the gum exposed more than 3mm, basically can be called "dew gum laugh", because it seems very obvious. But, why do children start to smile at a young age? This is how the formation of it? In fact, when you are exposed to the gums are mostly genetically determined, that is to say, you and your spouse or child’s grandparents, grandma and grandpa on the presence of dew smile. Take it pretty babes, Dad their family a lot of people have obviously protruding mouth and gums exposed the problem, dad is somewhat pretty, so babe "gummy smile)相关的主题文章: