Does anyone dare to chase Matsuyama Hideki Japanese patrol is expected to take nearly 4 games in

Does anyone dare to chase Matsuyama Hideki? The Japan tour is expected to take nearly 4 games third crown Matsuyama Hideki was sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th, after Japan’s 24 year-old Matsuyama Hideki Saturday in Shizuoka Pacific Club stadium in Gotemba shot 65, three score of 196 bar (65-66-65), par 20, he not only continues to lead the tour the Pacific masters, and the advantage for the expansion of the 6 bar, people could not help but sigh: in the end there is no one can catch him? If Matsuyama Hideki wins on Sunday, it will be his two win in the Japan tour. He took part in the Japan tour in the middle of the October open. At that time, he won 3 points in front of the individual to win the seventh day tour. Of course, Matsuyama Hideki has won the world championship in the world championship. He is leading 7 victory over Henrik and Daniel – Berger – steensen in Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Club, becoming the first Asian player to win the World Golf Championships, at the same time, also broke the tournament record margin of victory. After a week, the world number seventh, Matsuyama Hideki is expected to achieve two consecutive years, at the same time, he is also the first "complete victory", which is from the first round of leading to the final round win. Shizuoka temperature the previous two rounds of a number of extremely cold state picked up, the weekend is really an invigorating autumn climate. 6107 spectators entered the field to watch the battle, and they saw a test of endurance. Matsuyama Hideki first hole from the right to the left of the green grass in the grass, but he was pushed into the crucial 2 meters par putt. His first bird caught in the five hole, but the hole of his tee is not satisfied, his face says it all. Then the six hole, five hole, his three kick on the right side of the wood into the woods. This time with the Matsuyama Hideki group of two South Korean players quietly rise. "A number of holes and six holes (3 m rod) poupa is very important," he said. Matsuyama Hideki also pushed into the 3 meter putt at hole eight, and this time he caught the bird. Then the nine hole, the Japanese wood tee rivals far more than 30 yards, and the remaining 144 yards, he carefully selected 9 iron, the ball will be perfect to 1 meters, again to catch the bird. In fact, after that, Matsuyama Hideki also caught two birds in a row, to the 11 hole of the five hole, the number of birds reached a total of only 4. With his head to the sun, the temperature rise, be sure the body feeling not so cold. Matsuyama Hideki changed his clothes, but he didn’t change. "It feels a little bit different, and I’m sure it’s better than the cold," he said. Matsuyama Hideki in the 18 hole, five hole caught seventh birds today, he was third in the bar from the rough hit 60 cm, finally let 2 shot today at the start of the expanded to 6 bar. "I’m sure that the chances of winning are definitely going up, because the gap between the 20 and the next one is bigger than the second. It would be great if you could succeed in the end, "said Matsuyama Hideki. In 2004, Darren Clark created the events of the 72 hole record):相关的主题文章: