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Dining wine Collocation: a package out of the complex? The Sohu leads: This wine matches this dish, should not match that dish; that dish matches that wine, can not match this wine…… However, the first Wine master, the famous educator Tim Wine? (Tim Hanni MW) that Hannibal: " no Wine and food collocation of this child. It’s all a huge illusion. All the principles of wine and food matching are complex, but in fact there is no basis. I just want to say: "! We all know Santa doesn’t exist, but we tell the kids that he’s there. This is what is called ‘group thinking’. Group thinking is that you’ve accepted something, but you know that’s not true. " data for ordinary consumers, maybe we know " Wine white with white, red with red meat Wine " the basic principle is enough. The famous British wine critic, Wine master Jesse Robinson (Jancis Robinson MW wire?) even in the "how to" wine wrote: " on the topic of the wine and delicacy I always have extreme skepticism, I don’t even accept the majority of people think that is the basic knowledge of Wine regulations, that is: white Wine collocation fish, red meat Wine collocation. " for the restaurant, wine and winery wine, too much emphasis on the collocation of this thing, may let consumers know what to do, or even feel bored, until at a distance, the result is just the opposite. As Tim said:? Chinese, " and Wine; almost all related things are full of conflict: This is not the wine, this season choose this Wine, this kind of food Wine collocation…… In the end, we assassinated almost every potential consumer…… "? Isn’t that a meal? What about the wrong collocation? Marriage is not suitable, can deal with a lifetime?! The author of the famous British wine tasting "and" French Wine "Wine Ultimate Encyclopedia" 28 Wine book critic Robert? Joseph (Robert Joseph) has pointed out: " you go to attend a banquet, the master said, "I do this fresh salmon, a good bottle of ice good everlasting longing for you (white Wine), and it ‘just good collocation. The guest said, "ah, I brought a bottle of fresh, nice red wine, and I wanted to share it with you. What’s the result? Two bottles of wine were all opened, and they were all drunk with fish, and no one died of drinking wrong wine and fish. "

餐酒搭配:一套装出来的复杂? -搜狐  导语:这款酒配这道菜,不宜配那道菜;那道菜配那款酒,不能配这款酒……但是,美国第一位葡萄酒大师、著名葡萄酒教育家蒂姆?汉尼(Tim Hanni MW)认为:"没有葡萄酒与食物搭配这回事儿。这全部是巨大的错觉。所有葡萄酒与食物匹配的原则,都是一套装出来的复杂,实际上毫无根据。我只想说:别闹了!我们都知道圣诞老人并不存在,但我们告诉孩子们他存在。这就是所谓的‘群体思维’。‘群体思维’就是你已经接受了某些事物,但你明白那并非事实。" 资料图   对于普通消费者来说,也许我们知道"白葡萄酒配白肉,红葡萄酒配红肉"的基本原则就足够了。英国著名酒评家、葡萄酒大师杰西丝?罗宾逊(Jancis Robinson MW)甚至在《如何品酒》写道:"对美酒和美食这个话题我一向都是抱有极端的怀疑态度,我甚至不接受大部分人都认为是葡萄酒基本常识的规定,那就是:白葡萄酒搭配鱼,红葡萄酒搭配肉。"   对于餐厅、酒商和酒庄来说,过分强调餐酒搭配这套东西,也许会让消费者无所适从,甚至感到厌烦,直至敬而远之,结果适得其反。正如蒂姆?汉尼所说:"几乎所有与葡萄酒相关的事情都充满了矛盾和别扭:这是好酒那个不是,这个季节选这种葡萄酒,这种葡萄酒搭配那种食物……最终我们‘暗杀’了几乎每一个潜在的消费者……"   不就是一顿饭吗?搭配错了又能怎么样呢?婚姻不合适还能对付一辈子呢!著有《法国葡萄酒品鉴》和《葡萄酒终极百科全书》等28部葡萄酒专著的英国著名酒评家罗伯特?约瑟夫(Robert Joseph)也曾指出:"你去参加一场宴会,主人说,‘我做了这道新鲜的鲑鱼,冰好一瓶不错的长相思(白葡萄酒),与它搭配刚刚好’。客人说,‘啊呀,我带了一瓶新鲜的、不错的红酒,很想与你分享’。结果怎么样?两瓶酒全打开,都就着鱼喝光了,没有人死于饮用错误的酒与鱼。"相关的主题文章: