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Ding Junhui 5 war 4 masters Yu Delu lost three opportunity to return to regret Yu Delu (information) sina sports news Beijing time on November 15th, the 2016 world snooker tournament in Northern Ireland into the second match day of the contest, on the evening of 9 points when the focus of a battle, leading 2-0 in the Ding Junhui case, Yu Delu even under four reversal this is the second time this season that Ding Junhui suffered in the ranking tournament opener out, first round opponent Yu Delu also happens to be the tour (European Masters qualifiers), but that game because Ding Junhui encountered visa problems, was forced to abandon the match, and after reversal of Yu Delu will be in the next round against Robbie Williams. In 2011 to enter the land occupation before, he and Ding Junhui in the domestic tour has fought many times, eventually to Ding Junhui’s victory, but the first two ranking tournament played in occupation can be traced back to 9 years ago the first session of the Shanghai masters, Ding Junhui 5-2 beat wildcard Yu Delu. Enter the occupation after landing in Germany in the occupation has been out of court results, each season only hard to avoid relegation fight, but he and Ding Junhui in the occupation arena fight a few times has achieved good results, the 2011 Haikou classic, 2012 German masters landing in Germany, two successive defeat Ding Junhui, and in 2012 PTC Grand Prix, landing in Germany only to Ding Junhui in the Decider lost. At the beginning of the game, Ding Junhui although there is a little error, but the first two dedicated bar 60+ made the 2-0 lead, but the third seems to be a turning point in the game, Ding Junhui is divided by Lu De super snooker opponent penalty on mobile phone and get good will at this time, as long as Ding Junhui was able to clear the table to get match point, then Ding Junhui in 1 after closing the 1 red but walk on serious mistakes, the ball called the yellow ball on the way unfortunately fell to 7 bags, not only the opponent, and directly to the land by Qingtai opportunity, this bureau gave me the victory directly confidence. After two balls landing in Germany to continuously hit a single shot 53 points, 104 points over Ding Junhui, but in the key sixth, while landing in Germany start to hit a single shot 67 points, but Ding Junhui still has a chance to send the game into a tiebreaker, then a key attack called bit errors and a key defensive ball two times will pocket the opponent over the situation, Ding Junhui suffered a comeback for me, throughout the whole game, although Ding Junhui lost some ball, but Chinese dragon is key not comeback to accuracy, but take place the cue ball, snooker table sometimes details decide the success of the game, if the third and sixth, Ding Junhui in three key position if more precise, he is probably the final victory. Last week the crowns Champions League semi-final loss to Higgins, although Ding Junhui, but after Higgins praised Ding Junhui is representative of the precise control to take place the cue ball but today, Ding Junhui know how much in performance with the word "precise" some misfits if you count, two months before the European Masters qualifying me by default in the past 5 in 5 years, me and Ding Junhui contest)相关的主题文章: