Deep Sea Fleet stealth emergency boat commissar physically blocked the Water Leakage. stellarium

Deep Sea Fleet stealth emergency boat commissar physically blocked the Water Leakage at the original title: the ocean ocean, "lifeline" of this embedded station port of autumn, placid. However, a reporter from the pier to hear the story, but a heart can not be calm. Once, the East China Sea Fleet submarine was ordered to sneak deep. On the way, parts of a sudden failure, the water instantly under high pressure spewing into the room. Critical juncture, patrol the Strait boat commissar Zhu Changyong make a prompt decision, while trying to physically block the Water Leakage, while directing the relevant hands emergency damage control plugging, finally eliminate the danger in the first time. Although the first time with the boat change danger into safety, sea recruits psychological pressure is very big. Zhu Changyong found this situation, in a timely manner to rely on patient and meticulous psychological counseling work to ensure the smooth completion of the follow-up tasks. "Political work under water to be close to the battlefield, can not stay in the ‘tea supper, shallow talk on security being"." For the risk experience, Zhu Changyong has deep feeling, "the submarine crew Co., a carrot a pit. Cadres of political work must be embedded into the station, and ensure the training so as to win, at the critical moment on the dash, withstand!" From the "security" to "guarantee" word, highlighting the political work of the East China Sea Fleet out of "self design, self loop, self determination and effect test" cycle. Not long ago, a live ammunition drill site reporter in the fleet organization, at all levels of political work cadres to the front line, close to the exercise process, to carry out the pre war mobilization, everything in good order and well arranged agitation, psychological defense, political integration command, political work and military action is significantly improved. The promotion of this fusion was initiated at the Gutian Conference on political work of the army two years ago. After the meeting, the Party committee of the chairman of the party in accordance with the local information technology to win the war requirements, to explore the role of political work to ensure the effectiveness of combat effectiveness of the construction of the mechanism of deep understanding of the instructions. Review and reflection of political work and military training from all sorts of bad phenomena surfaced: joint exercises, in the face of "electromagnetic interference car damage and other emergency situations, a participating political mobilization scheme of cadres from the actual battlefield rush out, let the soldiers laugh or cry; dispatch group determines a boat" severely damaged the larger, lower morale, casualties lack preparation instructor mind is confused, can not think of tricks to deal with…… "The reason is part of the political work cadres into training consciousness is not strong, the combat training of the marginal man, a layman, rusty fight this industry." In the Gulf of Aden escort mission, Xuzhou ship had been created for the first time rescue force was the Buccaneers ship people’s Navy history first. The ship commissar Zeng Liang said that in distant oceans, in the face of difficult and perilous task, cadres of political work, identify the front line stations, "look at me" "follow me" can be implemented. Dig deeper roots, fleet political work cadre their minds like a heavy hammer drum: the army is strong, the key to see the war. If you deviate from combat standards, can not jump out of "self design, self circulation, Jun相关的主题文章: