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"Broken bus card" Beijing refundable deposit of   commonly encountered back card difficult – Beijing Channel – people.com.cn original title: "the broken card" Beijing refundable deposit report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Wei) a small bus card, it is easy to back up hard to do. Yesterday, the China Consumer Association informed the 36 city bus card office card back card experience survey results. The results show that there are many problems, such as the restriction of card withdrawal and the long term of the refund to the account. Among them, Beijing good bus card deposit, the balance can be returned; "the broken bus card deposit (refundable fee), refund the balance. Consumers Association in October this year, including Beijing, Shanghai, including 36 cities to carry out a bus card office card back card service experience investigation. In the experience of the card service, the random choice of bus card back card network experience; in the experience of the card back service, simulation of the perfect bus card and damaged bus card two scenarios to experience. The results showed that the lowest score was the lowest. Most of the problems encountered in the majority of cities are the conditions of setting up restrictions. Among them, the deposit or the balance of rebate situation is relatively common, especially when the card is damaged, the majority of city deposit (fee) single entry. Among them, Beijing good bus card deposit, the balance can be returned; "the broken bus card deposit (refundable fee), refund the balance. China Consumers Association found that the majority of the city’s damage to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers provisions and content. Such as: the majority of city bus card office to collect the deposit (fee), and the amount set lacks reasonable basis; part of the city set up rent, service charges, fees, maintenance fees, depreciation and other projects, to avoid the "deposit" responsibility, suspected to separate user charge unreasonable fees; part of city bus card recharge amount set limited amount, alleged violations of the consumer’s right to choose; part of the city provides the card balance of less or more than a certain amount can not be returned, non registered card, branded cards and other specific types of non refundable, or a card up to 30 days to return the card and card selling small ticket, the recent recharge records not for retirement card, limiting consumer free return, return the card right; part of the city bus card service provisions contained or disguised with "the final interpretation of × × all" invalid clause. Aiming at the problem of unreasonable fees charged in the bus card, the consumers association suggested that the relevant government departments, to the regulations combing the city public transportation areas, clean up unreasonable regulations public service enterprises damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in a timely manner; to strengthen the joint management of transportation, urban construction, planning, price, business and other related departments, seriously investigate and deal with the bus service enterprises collect and disguised unreasonable fees charged violations. (commissioning editor Chen Yinuo and Gao Xing)相关的主题文章: