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A glimpse of Dali | Erhai is not the sea, beautiful like sea tourism Sohu [^ Cangshan top, overlooking the Erhai of Dali | series of Erhai is not the sea, the United States as a graphic | old black sea Xi greatly produced in Yunnan research, Dali was deeply. In the meantime, he said, I grew up in Cangshan, Erhai, very yearning. See your life, I quite envy, reluctant to leave." And asked, "to protect Erhai, let Cangshan not Mexican rifle painting, Erhai string million Guqin" natural beauty on earth." [/ in double gallery, Cangshan [] – fled to the sunset village, rainbow Cangshan Erhai, Dali has become the name card, some people take a plane, train, automobile, motorcycle ride, after thousands of miles across the street, cow dung fragrance, only to see the beautiful scenery of Cangshan in Erhai; or in Erhai alone, facing Erhai, enjoy the pleasant spring ". [/] in the West Sea, Bodhi sea Erhai [3] [3 village, Yuanwang Haidong double corridor of Cangshan Cangshan Erhai coast, Yuanwang], you hear a lot, not necessarily experience; I come to you to say, after all, in Dali, fulfilled the words: First come, first served. [/ Cangshan top with a fork; the old open photography] casual Internet search, you can know: Erhai called leaves Yuze, kunmi Sichuan, Xierhe, two West River, is located in Yunnan, Dali, Yunnan province is the second largest freshwater lake, Lake; the average depth of 10 meters, the maximum lake depth of 20 meters. Dali is one of the "four king" debauch "Erhai month" where. The origin of the name "Erhai" is said to be shaped like an ear. Erhai good water quality, abundant aquatic products, is a Yili scenery scenic area. [/ dafengba, said Wang Erhai] as you found the information, Erhai, called the sea, is actually a lake. It is called "Erhai", because the Yunnan inland, and the local people on the sea and the desire, so called Erhai. [the Erhai River, the chicken (Yi reminder, do not have read) [] – Shuanglang village, Cangshan sunset, red Erhai] if you think I’m telling you in Erhai, is the online search a lot of these "data", then I’m sorry, I let you down. [long Huan Hai Lu, Cailing [] – a boat busy light sail volume] many people heard of Erhai, know Erhai, came to Erhai, even in the Erhai Lake Photos, Yinshizuofu, after all, is short, belong to the individual fragments of memory. As mentioned earlier, First come, first served., I was in Dali, see the Erhai morning and evening, see Erhai sunrise and sunset; also seen changes with the seasons in Erhai…… Such a long time, you may understand why Erhai is known as the mother lake of Dali, why "to protect the eyes like the protection of Erhai". ["Cangshan top, waiting for the sunrise in Erhai [in Erhai] – those trees…… [3] Erhai, is full of water, buddies go. Of course, these claims, is the impact of Erhai on Dali and the local people’s production and life based on my personal experience, on相关的主题文章: