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Congratulations to Hengda six trophies! Once the silly money, today’s Super Fighter – Sohu today super sports to the twenty-eighth round of the competition, Suning yesterday in the 2 ball leading by the Lifan even after 2 goals, the final loss of good bureau also lost hope to win tonight, Hengda in the home court against Yanbian Evergrande, only to get 1 points in this game, the 2016 season of Super Champion belongs to Guangzhou Hengda club. The game, Lippi and Xu Jiayin also came to the scene to watch the game. The final 1-1 draw with Yanbian Evergrande in the home court, ahead of the 3 round won the Super League champions, sixth Super League champions this is Hengda, they created six time winner of the There was no parallel in history. Now the super Hengda is absolutely dominant, even in Asia are belongs to the class of the club, in a few years ago perhaps Hengda in the hearts of many people or "silly money" impression, indeed in Hengda Group entered, they spend a lot of money for the club, and has maintained a lot of the season, while a large number of the money let Hengda won many of the world’s foreign aid, although some transfer is a waste of money, is the overall value. Now many relative to Hengda Super League club "convergence" a lot, there will be big, but now they pay more attention to the rationality of relative to the previous signings, but Hengda first team outstanding performance, the club also attaches great importance to youth, and Real Madrid cooperation Hengda school has cultivated many outstanding young people in recent years, worth a noting that Hengda foot school this year a total of 40 people participated in the college entrance examination, more than 30 people have been admitted to various colleges and universities. Now Hengda football club has become China imitation, whether it is the perfect mode of the club, or in Asia and the world famous, the development mode of Hengda Club tends to be a big team, a taste of the money is not used, only the development of the club to build reasonable, unique culture and heritage of the club, in order to develop in a long term not bad.相关的主题文章: