Choose electric water heater to consider the details (video)

Selection of electric water heater, more details of the family to purchase water storage electric water heater, the first thing to consider is the brand, capacity, inner liner, safety and other factors. Home to remind people, in addition to the purchase requirements, ancillary equipment and family members of the habits of water, in the home, and the maintenance cost of equipment, but also to buy water storage type electric water heater should not ignore the details. Some families choose to store electric water heaters, think the capacity should be bigger, the better. But from the installation and customer service feedback situation, reference family water habits, can be more reasonable to determine the size of the volume of the electric water heater, to avoid the excessive use of space, spend too much power. It is suggested that the bath time or water consumption of each family member should be calculated first, and then accumulated as a reference for determining the capacity of the electric water heater. The shower nozzle and the outlet in the bathroom are also the reference details for the purchase of the water storage electric water heater. The style and output of sprinkler directly determine the speed of water consumption in water heater. When the choice, it is best not to use the head type shower nozzle; the use of hand-held shower nozzle, but also to try to shorten the distance between the pipeline length or shower nozzle and electric water heater. If the wiring inside the bathroom socket is not standardized, for security reasons, may be the first to use household heating water storage type electric water heater, then off, then shower nozzle discharge influence becomes more and more important. At present, most of the water storage electric water heaters need regular maintenance. Many water storage electric water heaters claim free installation, but in fact, "free" part of the labor costs, not including the installation of materials costs. Also, a lot of water storage type electric water heater needs regular cleaning, replacement of devices in use, manufacturers have years ranging from free door-to-door service commitment, but most do not include all kinds of detergents and other materials. So consumers should ask what services are free and which items are charged. Expand the video (this video has nothing to do with the original, only for reference) water heater service has "mystery" to buy the designated brand faster than the purchase of outsourcing brands

选电热水器 多考虑细节家庭选购储水式电热水器,首先要考虑的是品牌、容量、内胆、安全等因素。家装人士提醒,除了上述选购要件,家庭成员的用水习惯、家中的配套用具,以及设备的养护成本,也是选购储水式电热水器时不应忽视的细节。有的家庭选购储水式电热水器时,认为容量应越大越好。但是从安装和售后反馈的情况看,参考家人的用水习惯,可以更合理地确定容量的大小,避免体积过大的电热水器,占用过多空间,耗费过多的电量。建议先核算每个家庭成员的洗浴时间或用水量,累加计算后,作为确定电热水器容量的参考。洗浴所用花洒喷头和浴室内的插座,也是购买储水式电热水器的参考细节。花洒喷头的样式和出水量,直接决定着热水器中水量消耗的快慢。选择时,最好不要使用头顶式花洒喷头;使用手持花洒喷头时,也要尽量缩短花洒喷头与电热水器之间的距离或管道长度。如果浴室内插座的接线不规范,出于安全考虑,家庭使用储水式电热水器时可能会先加热,再断电使用,这时花洒喷头出水量的影响就显得更加重要。目前,大部分储水式电热水器都需要定期养护。很多储水式电热水器都宣称免费安装,但事实上“免费”部分只是人工费,并不包括安装时的材料费。同样,很多储水式电热水器在使用后需要定期除垢、更换器件,厂家也有年限不等的免费上门服务承诺,但大多数也不包括除垢剂等各类材料费。所以,消费者应该问清楚哪些服务免费,哪些项目收费。扩展视频(本视频与原文无关,仅作参考) 热水器服务有“玄机” 买指定品牌比外购品牌安装快相关的主题文章: