China Regal anonymous purchase of private aircraft total price of up to $325 million

China Regal anonymous purchase of private aircraft total price of up to 325 million U.S. dollars Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, China buyers buy the most luxurious anonymous world aircraft Boeing 787 widebody aircraft modification interior design is very unique, but also can not be too high, "must be consistent with those of domestic wealthy buyers Gulfstream aesthetic" Regal favorite in the official machine is currently the most popular models, because "it is luxury". Gulfstream G550 aircraft price of more than 300 million, the annual maintenance costs of more than ten million aircraft use by the end of 2013, official machine market China has reached 367 aircraft (including Hong Kong), of which 44% for private jet travel, charter flights for 22% China customers have gradually changed from the previous buy new aircraft, the transition to slowly began to accept second-hand aircraft according to "the Wall Street Journal (blog, micro-blog)" reported recently by the Kestrel transformation of the world’s most luxurious Airlines aircraft, the Boeing 787 wide body aircraft to participate in air show, aircraft interior also exposure. Media said the aircraft has been an anonymous purchase of Chinese buyers, the total price of up to $325 million (about 2 billion 100 million yuan), of which up to $100 million on the modification fee. Coincidentally, the media reported the afternoon of August 1st this year, "Yalian" "evening" and the company’s official machine in order to avoid the typhoon landed at Wuhan Tianhe Airport in succession. As of 0 a.m. the next day, stop the night of the official business to reach the 16. Model covers the Gulfstream 550, Bombardier global express, Falcon 7X and other common cableway main models, the number of a history of the Wuhan Tianhe Airport. Private aircraft has become the most luxury Nouveau riche. In the end who sold the official business? Which is the richest private plane? How many people in China have private jets? Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter conducted an investigation. Rich buyers love to buy luxury private aircraft are mostly from the Middle East and Asia Chengdu Daily reporter learned that in May this year, the Boeing 787 appeared in Switzerland at EBACE. The modified aircraft interior area of more than and 200 square meters, from the interior exposed aircraft, all aircraft configuration are extremely luxurious, the gate is designed as luxury and high-end hotel, the cabin has a spacious bedroom, and is equipped with double washing equipment, aircraft bath water flow actually can do even in the air and on the ground the same. The mattress is also equipped with a large safety belt, when the aircraft encountered strong airflow can sleep on the bed. Steve, chief executive officer of Kestrel airlines, ·, said it was his eleventh aircraft modification project. Compared with the conventional private aircraft, the Boeing 787 aircraft in addition to the huge, the biggest advantage is its long distance, the aircraft can be directly flying from Asia to the east coast of the United States, or from the Middle East to fly to the west coast of the United States, without stopping. "They usually don’t like to stop halfway相关的主题文章: