China Merchants Bank 17 bank bill business and clarify the suspension of Bohai also denied the livel face gossip

China Merchants Bank 17 bank bill business and clarify the suspension of Bohai people’s livelihood also denied Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! There are banking sources recently revealed that China Merchants Bank temporarily frozen some of the city’s commercial banks and agricultural firms bills credit lines, freezing period does not allow the bank to buy a new list of bills to be accepted by the bank. The Bank of has been frozen, including Bank of Dalian, Levin commercial bank, the Bank of China, Bank of China, Qilu bank, Bank of Gansu and other agricultural firms. China Merchants Bank quoted insiders said, this is in the recent strengthening of risk management measures of bill business. In this regard, China Merchants Bank August 24th evening to clarify the move, make reason is actually part of commercial bank bill transaction has reached the upper limit of the amount of the transaction, does not indicate that there are significant risks related to bank management. China Merchants Bank to clarify the notice said that "scattered notes transaction risk, the Bank of all bills set the amount of the transaction counterparty. In view of the amount of transactions with some commercial banks have reached the upper limit of the amount of the transaction, we notice that the agency temporarily control the transaction with some commercial bank notes. This does not indicate that there are significant risks related to the management of bank notes." At the same time has stopped and traced with China Merchants Bank bill business part of the bank and Minsheng Bank and the Bank of Bohai. However, the two banks also denied the news to the interface news reporter. Minsheng Bank spokesman Li Liming told the interface news reporter, said, there is no so-called frozen limit, we have been directed at the line of credit, the white list of banks to carry out business." Bank of Bohai, also known as the bill to discount business, the bank strictly in accordance with regulatory requirements and the requirements of the management of the bank, did not release the bank notes to stop some of the business management requirements. At the same time, the bank has also recently launched a bill of exchange and counterparty discount business. This year, the bill risk incidents, plus this month continuously exposed two bank 900 million yuan bills into the city bridge link switch and the industrial and Commercial Bank of 1 billion 300 million yuan electric ticket cheat sign event, the year has been seven notes the risk event occurs, the risks involved in the amount of more than 11 billion yuan. In contrast, the bank notes business from the regulatory and internal management of the overall tightening of the bill market atrophy. With the regulation and control of the banks continue to strengthen their own risk control, the second half of the bill market is still not optimistic. According to the central bank data, in the first half, the non acceptance of the draft to reduce about 1 trillion and 280 billion yuan; as of the end of 6, the bank acceptances discounted $4 trillion and 580 billion, down by 34.1%. July, the bank acceptances outstanding bank continued to significantly reduce 512 billion 200 million yuan, resulting in a small increase in the scale of social financing in July, the main reason for the increase of $263 billion 200 million. The person responsible for the central bank in July monetary and credit data to reporters, the scale of social financing an increase of less is not discounted bank acceptance bills to reduce the number of the occurrence of a number of cases, to strengthen supervision of related bill market. At the end of April, the central bank and the CBRC jointly issued "on the strengthening of bill business regulation to promote the healthy development of the bill market notice" theory相关的主题文章: