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Changan trust core "eat" Wuchang high up to buy Oolong hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client adviser national contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: Changan trust core "eat" Wuchang high after buying the securities Times reporter Hu Feijun Oolong signs, gold investment trust funds on behalf of the Changan party, is the heart of iron to "holding the right to eat" Wuchang fish. Yesterday, Wuchang released shareholders illegal holdings announced that the gold investment due to operational errors, errors will "buy" enter into "sell" caused by illegal holdings. This announcement a long chase to buy expensive gold investment heavily wuchangyu, seek a controlling stake to completely bared there and then. As of October 26th, long gold investment and concerted action to hold a total of wuchangyu reached 17.51%, from the largest shareholder stake of Beijing Huapu industry 20.77% only a difference of 3.26 percentage points. High chase buy potential in? As of October 16th, long gold investment and concerted action to hold a total of 17.39% stake in wuchang. Before long, gold investment holdings again but the Wuchang fish, staged a small episode. It is reported that long investment gold trader staff due to improper operation, will "buy" to "sell" the wrong instruction input instruction, resulting in long gold investment on the afternoon of October 26th sold a total of 231 thousand and 300 shares, the transaction price of 18.53 yuan. So far, long gold investment and concerted action to hold a total of 17.51% stake in wuchang. Three of the Quarterly Bulletin Wuchang disclosed yesterday that the major shareholder of Beijing Huapu industry holding 20.77% and two shareholders at Wuchang, long gold investment and concerted action shareholding ratio is only 3.26 percentage point difference. Kim said the investment, will continue to follow the established plan Holdings Holdings wuchangyu. Wuchang previous announcement said that gold investment by GP Yichang green fund decision, Changan trust and investment gold as long LP shares of the GP, can have a significant effect on long gold investment decisions. Industry observers believe that, despite the Wuchang disclosure is long gold investment illegal holdings announcement, but from the long investment holdings of gold price point of view, the basic price limit is still in the purchase, the company holding the right to win. Wuchang is the controlling stake in the dispute Wuchang placards a controlling stake in the dispute caused by the information submitted the letter and then detonated, causing widespread concern in the market, a lot of things. The first is a gold investment without placards. In September 24th, Wuchang released the announcement of changes in shareholders’ equity, gold investment in September 21st to 23 days to buy 25 million 453 thousand and 300 shares of Wuchang, at a cost of 285 million yuan, accounting for 5% of the total share capital of the company. For the purpose of investment gold holdings, long said, is optimistic about future business prospects of Wuchang fish. Followed by the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the big data monitoring found abnormal. In September 29th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the first letter of inquiry相关的主题文章: