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CCTV documentary center launched a military program that rocked the world "Long March" – Anhui channel — original title: CCTV military program center launched 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march documentary that rocked the world "Long March" in Beijing in October 13, China Red Army on the occasion, CCTV military program center launched 8 sets of large documentary "shocked the world of the long march". A documentary by CCTV military program center "military record" team filming, "a total of 8 sets, each set of 50 minutes, the total length of 400 minutes, with full HD 4K camera. The crew has rushed to the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan Chinese China more than ten countries and regions take interviews, rigorous and meticulous search for precious historical data about the Long March, to create a rich historical materials, with solid, informative, unique perspective narrative, rigorous, exquisite picture of documentary works. The documentary is divided into "red mist" "Phoenix Fire" "hard choices" "great turning" "tight encirclement" challenge "" North "" limit "firm spirit" in 8, with the long march the time as the narrative sequence, with historical events of facilitator and witness for the entry point, from the review in 1934 fifth against "encirclement and suppression" failure decided to implement a strategic shift to the 1936 Central Red Army arrived in Northern Shaanxi major historical nodes and historical events, and innovative use of a comprehensive interpretation of this period of history 80 years ago the international perspective, the perspective of the new novel, rich material, vivid details, people find everything fresh and new in China. The theme of the documentary can be said to be innovative. Large documentary film "the long march to the world". (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) original title: CCTV military program center launched a documentary that rocked the world "Long March" a number of valuable historical data for the first time publicly National Archives of the United States, the Russian political historical archives National Museum, Imperial War Museum, the Japanese foreign historical museum, the National Library of Australia, Switzerland and Zurich archives…… As CCTV military program center produced to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march tribute documentary works, rocked the world "Long March" first shot in the volumes of these collections or a frame never disclosed the precious historical data. The long march of the Red Army before the start of the month, when he was head of the Provisional Central Committee of CCP to the antique Communist International Executive Committee of a top secret telegram, the quietly sleeping for 80 years. In the end what is written? In Taiwan, China’s former intelligence unit, a group of just declassified information how to restore the real life of the Red Army before the long life? The battle of Xiangjiang in the miss of the Red Army commander major Li De, why he had lived in the home for 13 years, the eastern German town of Islamic Ma Ning but no one remember? The worldwide public for the first time Li De in 1939 to accept the Communist International Executive Committee Commission investigation "wrote about my work in China error report files, he is how to face their own once committed military mistakes? In Kansas City, University of Missouri)相关的主题文章: