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Copper prices after the festival is expected to move up the center of gravity 程婉儿

The festival is expected to focus on copper up hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client since November 24th last year, copper has 10 consecutive weeks to maintain low order, and nearly two weeks showed a trend of stronger oscillations, initially stabilized at above average on the head, many have the upper hand. And since the end of this year’s Spring Festival copper terminal consumption enterprises slightly stronger than expected, and copper enterprises to reduce production restrictions brought about by short-term supply pressure to improve, it is expected that copper prices will further stabilize later, radical can light warehouse hold more than one festival. The non-ferrous metals industry will stabilize in the weak, after copper prices gradually digest a series of economic indicators announced earlier, the current market focused on January announced China’s new wealth and the official manufacturing PMI. According to Reuters of 20 analysts forecast a comprehensive analysis, is expected to China January official manufacturing PMI compared with 49.7 in December last year fell slightly to 49.6, for sixth consecutive months in the 50 ups and downs of the line, but if taking into account the seasonal factors of the Spring Festival, January manufacturing PMI performance is acceptable. In addition, from the basic point of non-ferrous metals industry, in December 2015, the non-ferrous metals industry boom index edged up to 11.3, although still in the "cold" region, but broke the record low of 11.1 in November. At the same time, the non-ferrous metals industry in the leading index was 72.7, the chain rebounded 1.1 points, for a period of three months. Accordingly, the non-ferrous metal industry in the short term is expected to stabilize in the weak. The downstream consumer is stronger than expected as the Spring Festival holiday, the enterprise of copper industry chain have been opened holiday mode, the market is also more expected copper prices to supply two light, but the SMM survey data show that this year the copper terminal enterprises generally late holiday time than in previous years, suggesting that the downstream consumer is stronger than expected. The copper, copper tube plant and wire and cable factory are relatively late because of the abundant orders and the peak production season. The reason is related to the increase of investment in the domestic power grid construction in the fourth quarter of last month. In the fourth quarter of 2015, the total investment of domestic power grid construction was 189 billion 200 million yuan, and the quarterly chain increased by 76%, so that the investment of China’s power grid construction completed from 1 to December was 460 billion 299 million yuan, basically completed the planned investment at the beginning of the year. In terms of import demand, China imported 423181 tons of refined copper in December last year, an increase of 34.35% compared with the previous year. The monthly import volume has set a record high, breaking the record of 406937 tons in December 2011, and increasing imports of investors and traders due to the downturn in copper prices and the demand for pre supply. At the same time, 2015 copper imports a record low in 2003 to the 3 million 162 thousand tons, showing that the domestic copper supply situation was not improved, which will increase the refined copper demand. Or technical recovery trend in December 2015, China’s refined copper production was 700 thousand tons, a decrease of about 40 thousand tons, showing low copper prices have reduced the enthusiasm of copper enterprises. In December last year, the domestic copper smelting backbone enterprises also announced a joint production reduction statement, that is, in 2016 will reduce the production of refined copper at least 3

铜价 节后重心有望上移 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   自去年11月24日以来,期铜已连续10周维持低位整理,且近两周呈振荡偏强走势,初步企稳于日均线之上,多头暂居上风。而由于今年春节前铜终端消费企业表现略强于预期,且铜企减产限售带来的短期供应压力改善,预计后期铜价将进一步企稳,激进者可轻仓持多单过节。   有色金属产业将弱中企稳   在铜价逐步消化了此前公布的一系列经济指标之后,目前市场聚焦于周一公布的1月中国财新和官方制造业PMI。其中根据路透对20家分析机构的预估中值进行综合分析,预计中国1月官方制造业PMI料较去年12月的49.7微跌至49.6,为连续第6个月处于50荣枯线之下,但若考虑到春节的季节性因素,1月制造业PMI的表现尚可。   此外,从有色金属产业的基本面来看,2015年12月,中经有色金属产业景气指数微升至11.3,虽依然处于“过冷”区域,但脱离了11月创下的纪录低点11.1。   同时,中经有色金属产业先行指数为72.7,环比回升1.1点,为连涨三个月。据此推测,短期内有色金属产业也有望弱中企稳。   下游消费稍强于预期   随着春节假期临近,铜产业链各企业虽已陆续开启放假模式,市场也多预期铜企供需两淡,但SMM调研数据显示,今年铜终端企业放假时间普遍较往年偏晚,暗示下游消费稍强于预期。其中铜材、铜管厂及电线电缆厂因为订单充足,且适逢生产旺季,放假时间相对较晚。究其原因,跟国内电网工程建设在去年四季度逐月加大投资有关。2015年四季度国内电网工程建设累计投资1892亿元,季度环比剧增76%,从而使得1—12月我国电网工程建设完成投资为4602.99亿元,基本完成年初的计划投资。进口需求方面,我国去年12月进口精炼铜423181吨,同比增加34.35%,单月进口量创下纪录新高,打破2011年12月创下的纪录406937吨,因铜价低迷及节前补库需求刺激投资者和贸易商增加进口。同时,2015废铜进口量创下2003年来的新低316.2万吨,显示出国内废铜供应偏紧的局面无明显改善,这将增加部分精铜需求。   或出现技术性修复走势   2015年12月我国精铜产量为70万吨,环比减少约4万吨,显示出铜价低迷已降低了铜企的生产积极性。去年12月国内铜冶炼骨干企业也宣布了联合减产声明,即2016年将减少精铜产量至少35万吨。此外,今年1月铜冶炼企业短单TC RC费亦降至115美元 吨,使得精铜产量有望进一步下滑。同时,1月我国铜冶炼厂商也进一步推出“限售保价”措施,即主要铜价低于4万元 吨之下,则铜冶炼厂商将削减现货铜销售量20万吨,短期可向市场传达出供应端压力下滑的信号。国家层面也不断强调要加大有色金属产业的供给侧改革,从钢材、煤炭1月走势也可以看出,这种政策的执行所带来的市场情绪转变不容小觑。   截至1月26日,美铜CFTC总持仓较去年12月末剧增35211至202900手,该持仓量创下纪录新高,显示出铜价处于低位振荡整理之际,多空分歧不断加大。而从最新一周的持仓变化来看,CFTC投机空头减仓10322手,远超过多头所减少的3743手,从而使得投机净空头寸降至36827手,为连续第35周维持净空头寸。在投机基金持续抛空后,空头已获利颇丰,需关注后期空头逢低获利所带来的技术反弹。   综上所述,短期内铜市供需矛盾有所缓和,在此背景下,建议沪铜主力合约可背靠34500元 吨之上持多单过节。 (作者单位:瑞达期货) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Peng Boping Ma letter to shareholders to focus on the future, investment banks continue to sing more 山东凯文科技职业学院

Peng Boping Ma Yun’s letter to shareholders on the future banks continue to sing the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market in October 14th, many foreign media have interpreted Ma Yun cloth in the 2016 annual shareholders’ meeting on Ali’s letter to shareholders, Ma Yun in a letter to talk about the stock price in the next 30 years the development of the society, and become a traditional industry judgment on electronic commerce, is considered a "visionary". Bloomberg Television believes that this not only shows Ma is very confident of performance, and Alibaba has opened the future business changes, soon people will see Ali is doing something that others can not do. Ma Yun speech (Sina data chart) this year, Alibaba shares rose nearly 50%. As a result of its diversified business growth and future strategic layout, there have been several international investment banks, including UBS, Deutsche Bank, etc., have raised the company’s target stock price. "No one is doing what Alibaba is doing." Ma Yun made it clear in his letter of shareholders that Ali is a company that solves social problems. The next 30 years, the impact of the Internet on all walks of life will be more intense, although e-commerce is the harbinger of change, but also quickly become a new concept, Alibaba will be used as a new data resource, computing as a new technology, leading the new retail, new manufacturing and new financial reform. Bloomberg Television produced 7 minutes of special programs, detailed interpretation of Ma shareholders letter and Ali’s future strategy. The program believes that the letter shows that Ma is very confident. In the past two years, Ali’s performance is very good, there are a lot of impressive figures, and Ali is looking for growth from upgrading traditional retail business in China, there are many visionary layout. What’s interesting is that Ma’s shareholder letter did not mention the stock price, and Bloomberg TV believes that Ali’s share price should rise. A commentator in the program said that Ma called e-commerce "traditional industries" a bold move, "I really think the stock price should rise, because this statement shows that Alibaba focus on the future, see the future more interesting vision."." Another commentator said, "no one is doing what Alibaba is doing."". In the past two years, Ali has been excavating various talents from Silicon Valley high-tech enterprises. In logistics, payment and other aspects of the huge investment, which makes Ali’s entire supply chain better functioning. In addition, Ali and Sina micro-blog cooperation, the use of the power of the red network, encourage users to consume, pull up demand, with a very flexible and efficient supply chain. "This model has never been talked about by other companies. In the next one or two years, you’ll see that Ali is doing something that no one else can do." To build a social network + electricity supplier Bloomberg Television in the United States, the program also in-depth discussion of Alibaba’s strong ability to stimulate China’s consumption. It’s worth noting that Alibaba is better than any company in stimulating Chinese consumption." One commentator said. Taobao, for example, says, "Chinese consumers are turning Internet consumption into habit. If you look at Taobao, it’s really great! You can shop, you can chat, and you can get 3

彭博评马云致股东信着眼未来 投行继续唱多 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   10月14日,多家外媒纷纷解读马云在2016年度阿里股东大会上发布的致股东信,马云信中不谈股价谈未来30年的社会发展,以及对电子商务成为传统行业的判断,被认为“富有远见”。彭博电视台认为,这不仅显示马云对业绩非常有信心,而且阿里巴巴已开启未来商业变革,很快人们就会看到阿里正在做别人无法做到的事。 马云演讲(新浪资料图)   今年以来,阿里巴巴股价累计上涨近50%。因看好其多元化业务的增长以及未来战略布局,近期已有多家国际投行,包括瑞银、德意志银行等纷纷上调该公司目标股价。   “没有人在做阿里巴巴正在做的事”   马云在股东信中明确提出,阿里是一家解决社会问题的公司。未来30年,互联网对各行各业的冲击将更加猛烈,电子商务虽然是变革的先声,但也在迅速成为一个旧的概念,阿里巴巴将以数据作为新资源、计算作为新技术,引领新零售、新制造和新金融的变革。   彭博电视台制作了7分钟专题节目,详细解读了马云股东信及阿里未来战略。节目认为,这封信显示马云非常自信。这两年阿里的成绩非常好,有很多可观的数字,而且阿里正在从升级中国传统零售业务中寻求增长,有很多富有远见的布局。   有意思的是,马云股东信对股价只字未提,彭博电视台认为阿里股价应当上涨。节目中一位评论员称,马云把电子商务称作传统行业是一个非常大胆的举措,“我真的认为股价本该上涨,因为这一表述说明阿里巴巴着眼于点在未来,看到未来更有趣的愿景。”   另一位评论员则称,“没人在做阿里巴巴正在做的事情”。在过去两年,阿里不断从硅谷高新技术企业挖掘各种人才。在物流、支付等方面投入巨大,这些使阿里的整个供应链更好地运转。此外,阿里还和新浪微博合作,利用网红的力量,鼓励用户消费,拉升需求,配合非常灵活而高效的供应链。“这种模式没有别的公司谈论过,在未来一两年,你会看到,阿里正在做别人无法做到的事情。”   打造美国没有的社交网络+电商   彭博电视台该档节目还深入探讨了阿里巴巴激发中国消费的强大能力。“阿里巴巴在激发中国人消费方面比任何一家公司都要好,这点值得赞赏。”一位评论员称。   节目以淘宝举例称,“中国消费者正在把互联网消费变成习惯。如果你看一下淘宝,这真的太棒了!你可以购物,也可以聊天,可以在那里加入聊天组谈论钓鱼、婚礼、如何准备婴儿用品。还有一些网红直播,告诉你该买那些产品。平均日浏览次数为7次。这已不是一个电子商务的数字了,我自己不会一天看7次亚马逊,阿里巴巴正在打造一种任何美国公司都没法做到的社交网络和电子商务模式。”   此外,彭博电视台还关注了阿里云的发展情况,称阿里在科技方面已经赶上来,而且科技和其他方面结合起来是“非常吓人”的。   多家国际投行持续上调目标股价   阿里股东大会公开信发布不久,10月14日,美国著名金融杂志《巴伦周刊》发表题为《即使没有雅虎,为什么中国经济疲软阿里的股票却仍能上涨》的文章,对阿里股价长期看涨。文章称,由于糟糕的中国出口数据和汇率风险,阿里的股票当天开盘后微跌,但阿里的股票今年以来增长强劲。美国投资银行SunTrust Robinson Humphrey昨日将阿里的目标价从110美元上调至125美元,意味着在目前股价的基础上再上涨24%。   瑞银在最近发布的一份报告中提到,由于越来越多的消费者开始接收移动购物,预计阿里变现率将继续上升。   受惠于支付宝在中国移动支付市场的主导地位,德意志银行报告称,将阿里目标价提高27%至每股138美元。该行对1000位智能手机用户的调查显示,支付宝是被最广泛使用的移动支付工具,而80%的受访者表示未来两年愿意更多使用支付宝。   “如同美国公司改变了人们生活方式一样,阿里巴巴改变了中国人的生活模式,并具有全球化的雄心。”《巴伦周刊》称。   过去一年,阿里巴巴的股票上涨了50%,并于今年9月中旬登顶亚洲所有上市公司市值首位。各大投资机构持续上调对阿里股票的目标价,其中摩根大通设定为135美元,摩根斯坦利设为132美元。马云和阿里巴巴对自身的准确定位及对未来的远见,正得到投资者持续的积极回应。 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

Dong Mingzhu is not Luo Yonghao, GREE can’t be a hammer (video) 极品小子异界纵横

Dong Mingzhu is not Luo Yonghao, GREE can not be a hammer, Tencent science and technology selected high-quality media articles, described in this article is the author’s independent point of view, does not represent Tencent science and technology stance. The teacher Niu (public No.: WeChat brag) Dong Mingzhu is one of the people said to keep a promise inviolate, mobile phone, GREE launched its own products, mobile phone and mobile phone do however do not equate. Chinese the mobile phone market is not objective, no restrictions of any kind, as long as the money can be a mix, so you will see the star machine, the Internet, mobile phone manufacturers and other traditional custom machine for various purposes and the emergence of mobile phone products. Subjectively, smart phones have become the central link of smart home and Internet of things system, and then evolved into the traditional manufacturers to seize the flow of the entrance tool, the objective condition is that the domestic smartphone industry chain mature enough to allow manufacturers to spend money to launch their own branded mobile phones. Tear out the popularity is not necessarily a good thing in the past year, the most popular words in the domestic mobile phone industry is "tear X", jabber become a symbol of the characteristics of this industry, whether executives between the battle of wits, or public relations aspects of the game, GREE is also no accident "became a member of the X team tear" in. "Thief, liar", this is the evaluation as head of GREE Dong Mingzhu to rival counterparts, it is interesting, "China entrepreneur" magazine was uncharacteristically think Dong Mingzhu is rational, is necessary for the GREE mobile phone marketing. In the fight, GREE more harm than good, a hammer is a lesson. Before Dong Mingzhu, Luo Yonghao in the mobile phone industry can be said to be "upside down", from the industry’s well-known brands to small individual users, basically been scolded by Luo Yonghao. Admittedly, Luo Yonghao and hammer mobile phone in this way quickly accumulated a lot of popularity, coupled with the product itself, the performance is also good, many passers-by turn pink, however in the old war of words the negative effects but did not disappear, "Joe Dingji, Luoding force" (Jobs redefines the mobile phone again, Luo Yonghao idiot) definition appear in the major sites of the thread of this sentence many times, so that later in the conference, Luo Yonghao had one by one reference to the ridicule of friends, to reduce the harm of negative news hammer brand in this way. Until the hammer T2 release, there are still a majority of the old and constantly refresh cognitive limits, then go through to wash your own white goods are not recognized, Luo Yonghao in the early days of the hammer brand "use unscrupulous divisive tactics" harm not only continued, and even intensified, Luo just summed up the reason for his harsh criticism of media editors love the brand ", and to never tolerate their point of view, the Luo in the Soushenji in dialogue Feng Tang, but with" is that they’re not healthy to the qualitative methodology of the people do not agree with Luo Yonghao. The quality of products flow out, the second generation is also going to the whole channel distribution, GREE really do, but this is done based on the objective conditions, the front said, mobile phone industry OEM system is mature enough. Because there is no real news, we can not directly GREE mobile phone and OEM related once, but if from the quality point of view, the first generation of GREE mobile phones in the quality side

董明珠不是罗永浩,格力也成不了锤子腾讯科技精选优质自媒体文章,文中所述为作者独立观点,不代表腾讯科技立场。文 牛老师 (微信公众号:吹牛)董明珠是一个言而有信的人,说要做手机,格力就推出了自己的产品,然而做手机和做好手机并不能划等号。中国的手机市场百无禁忌,不客观地说,只要花钱都能掺和一脚,所以你会看到有明星机、互联网手机、传统厂商的定制机等出于各种目的而出现的手机产品。主观上智能手机越来越成为智能家居和物联网体系的中心环节进而演变成传统厂商抢占流量入口的工具,客观条件是国内智能手机产业链成熟的足以让厂商花钱就能推出自己的贴牌手机。撕出来的人气不一定是好事过去一年时间,国产手机行业最热闹的词是“撕X”,磨嘴皮子成为了这个行业的标志性特征,不管是高管之间的斗法,还是公关层面博弈,格力也无出意外的成为了“撕X”队伍中的一员。“小偷,骗子”,这是作为格力掌门人的董明珠给对手同行的评价,有趣的是,《中国企业家》杂志却一反常态的认为董明珠是理性的,对于格力手机的营销而言是必要的。参与口搏,对格力而言弊大于利,锤子就是前车之鉴。董明珠之前,罗永浩在手机行业中闹得可谓是“天翻地覆”,从业界知名的品牌到微小的个人用户,基本上被罗永浩骂了个遍。不可否认,罗永浩和锤子手机通过这种方式快速的积攒了大量的人气,再加上产品本身的表现还不错,不少路人转粉,然而老罗在骂战中的带来的负面效应却并未就此消失,“乔定机,罗定逼”(乔布斯重新定义手机,罗永浩重新定义傻逼)这句话无数次的出现在各大网站的跟帖里,以至于在后来的发布会上,罗永浩不得不逐一的引用网友的调侃,通过这种方式来减轻负面消息对锤子品牌的伤害。一直到锤子T2发布,仍然有一大部分人对老罗这种靠不断刷新认知下限,然后通过产品的去给自己洗白的方式不认可,罗永浩在创业初期的“不择手段”对锤子的品牌伤害不仅在持续,甚至越演越烈,而老罗却只是把原因归结为自己“刻薄的批评过媒体编辑们喜欢过的品牌”,而在对无法宽容自己的观点,老罗在搜神记中对话冯唐时,却用“那是他们心里不健康”来定性这群不认同罗永浩方法论的人。品质不入流产品拿出来了,第二代也马上要全渠道铺货,格力确实做到了,只不过这种做到是基于客观条件,前面说了,手机行业代工体系已经足够成熟。由于没有切实的消息,我们不能直接把格力手机和贴牌机关联在一次,但是如果从品质的角度来看,第一代格力手机在品质方面的表现实在不入流,在某些方面甚至不及贴牌产品,山寨厂出的一些高仿产品都要比格力手机出彩,这恐怕与在中国家电行业深耕多年的格力身份不符,相比之下,作为新秀的锤子,却先后拿到了IF、星火工业等设计奖。关于格力手机的评价,我们找到了一些媒体的评测,大致的观点有“这货1600元?”、“499元不能再多了”、“配置糟糕,拍照画质失望”,“三年不换成了笑话”。不太入流的品质直接让格力在手机市场吃了闭门羹,最终销量只有5-6万台,要知道这还是在经销商报销的情况下实现的,可能这个数字对于格力而言是可以接受的,但如果是一家初创手机厂商甚至是老品牌,这样的销量恐怕熬不到第二代产品,大可乐手机倒闭、天宇停工、夏新寻求出售都是先例。对比之下,董明珠曾经在众多媒体面前胯下的5000万台销量,对现在的格力来说,用天文数字来形容毫不为过,这种放卫星式的口号,很难让人把她和在格力一路打拼过来,甚至被称之为营销女王的董明珠联系起来。格力的专利不等于格力的手机专利董明珠做手机,清楚的认识到了专利的重要性,这种未雨绸缪的眼光确实是在基层摸爬滚打上来的高管高瞻远瞩的地方,也因为如此,董明珠在这方面也没有口下留情,比如炮轰小米“如果雷军(微博)没有技术创新,没有自己的专利技术,就输定了”。如果只谈专利,董明珠的这些观点是值得认同的,但需要明确,或者说被董明珠混淆的一点是,“格力持有的专利,不等于格力的手机专利”。过去近30年的时间,格力一路走来,在家电市场做了大量的专利储备,截至2015年,格力有的专利累计14000项,其中近5000多项是发明专利,被誉为是中国空调行业中拥有专利技术最多的企业,也是唯一不受制于外国技术的企业,但问题就在于此,格力的专利多数来自于空调行业,或者说制造业,而手机市场的命脉是通信专利,这个领域不是格力的专长。乐观的说,格力可以在通信行业和竞争对手,供应链的厂商进行一定范围的交叉授权,悲观的说,格力在手机市场的通信专利持有量约等于零,所以董明珠手里的专利武器并不可怕,腰板也没有说的那么硬,至少在手机市场是这样。对董明珠和格力而言,做手机真的不是“分分钟的事情”。预计的销量和现实的销量差了1000倍如果说格力空调一年卖5000万台,这是一个绝对可以得到认同的数字,但如果说格力手机一年要卖5000万台,那么这个数字绝对浮夸,尽管从一个消费电子市场进入另一个消费电子市场,本质上不算跨界,但对于格力来说依然陌生。单纯的直说销量,锤子手机第一代卖了25万台,一加手机1的销量是150万台,奇酷360的第一年预估销量为500万台,乐视超级手机则是400万台,已经在国产手机行业摸索了多年的魅族销量也只有2000万台,初来乍到的格力就把自己的销量喊道5000万台,我们不能说董明珠这样对外夸海口是乱了心智,但用浮夸来形容绝不为过。最终,公布成绩单的时候,摆在格力面前的现实是只卖了5万台,差了整整1000倍。格力的浮夸不仅体现在销量的预期上,也体现在产品细节和理念上。格力做自己的手机,很有一种当成明星定制机来做的感觉,最典型的是开机画面,因为除了明星手机,基本没有一家常规的手机厂商会把自己的开机画面设计成自老板以及老板的寄语画面,这种口味直接奠定了格力的产品基调,且不说他是好还是坏,至少是非主流的。如果说产品有信仰,用老板的开机画面来传递信仰并不是不可,甚至有可能变成创新,然而这种做法对董明珠和格力不合适,因为在手机市场,格力没有忠实用户群体,没有忠实用户,就谈不上信仰。回到生态系统上来,越来越多的厂商在自己的硬件之外,打造软件和服务生态,通过一整套的产品和服务圈住用户,连罗永浩都在这方面有所尝试,比如以Smartisan OS为切入点培育自己的用户基础,而在这方面,格力手里只有一台并不怎么起眼的手机,这也让人很好奇,没有太多的故事摆在台面上讲,董明珠和格力真的希望靠卖这样一款手机来赚钱? 有机情之每日三分钟:二代格力手机售价或超3000元【160127】相关的主题文章:

Citibank executives airborne macro life president to seek to expand cross-border recruitment 宁夏理工学院主页

Citibank executives airborne macro life president cross-border recruitment to seek to expand the Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin Chen Tingting) China’s first joint venture life insurance company Zhonghong life ushered in the airborne executives. Beijing Daily reporter recently learned, macro life hired Zhang Kai served as president of Citibank executives. Zhang Kai officially took office need to CIRC approval. It is understood that Zhang Kai has rich experience in banking and consulting industry in North America and Asia has more than 20 years ago, joining Manulife Financial, she served as president of Chinese retail financial services in a large multinational bank, and served as the chief financial officer China. Beijing Daily reporter learned that Zhang Kai’s old club is Citibank. The Zhang Kai who was airborne Chartis, Wan Shi Family position. Wan Shi Family in four years as president of Sinochem life. He joined the Canadian Manulife Sinochem life shareholders has been 21 years, has worked in Canada, Japan, Philippines, Hongkong and the mainland Chinese China held various positions. Changes in the positions, Wan Shi Family promoted to vice president of Manulife Financial Administrative and served as Manulife (International) Co., Ltd. chief executive officer, Manulife Hongkong and Macao leading the sustainable development of all business and distribution platform, but excluding the fund business. For the airborne executives, industry inevitably lead to speculation existing macro life strategic adjustment. Macro life relevant responsible person told reporters, over the years, agent channel has been the focus of macro life, the future does not rule out the diversified development, including bancassurance and net sales channels. But the company’s strategy is to continue to develop, will not be affected. Previously, Wan Shi family also clearly said in an interview, "the Internet insurance is a big trend in the future, we will continue to explore how to do better in this field, to better serve customers". With rich experience in the banking industry of Zhang Kai, she will play in the field of sales channels, marketing, strategy and business development and other advantages, is likely to break through banking channels. It is worth mentioning that the macro life become the first domestic joint venture life insurance company has obtained the qualification for securities investment fund sales, launched in June last year, with sales for Manulife Financial’s Manulife TEDA fund sales business in Shanghai. This year Zhang Kai will lead the team to a business plan to expand to more city. Statistics show that the macro life was founded in 1996, is the first Sino foreign joint venture life insurance company, by Canada’s Manulife Financial Manulife (International) Limited and group finance Co. Ltd. joint venture. Macro life is relatively conservative and prudent, market scale and business income is not large, but can continue to profit, which is rare in the insurance industry. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

花旗银行高管空降中宏人寿任总裁 跨界招募谋扩张   北京商报讯(记者 崔启斌 陈婷婷)国内首家合资寿险公司中宏人寿迎来空降高管。北京商报记者近日获悉,中宏人寿挖来花旗银行高管张凯担任总裁。张凯正式上任需要保监会批复。   据了解,张凯曾在北美和亚洲的银行及咨询行业拥有20多年的丰富经验,加入宏利金融前,她在一家大型跨国银行担任中国零售金融业务总裁,并曾担任其中国区首席财务官。北京商报记者获悉,张凯的这一老东家就是花旗银行。此次张凯空降中宏人寿,接替的是万士家的职位。   万士家于四年前担任中宏人寿总裁。他加入中宏人寿股东加拿大宏利金融至今已有21年,曾先后在加拿大、日本、菲律宾、中国香港及中国内地担任不同职位。此次职位变动后,万士家晋升为宏利金融行政副总裁并出任宏利人寿保险(国际)有限公司首席行政总监,领导宏利香港及澳门所有业务及分销平台的持续发展,但基金业务除外。   对于此次高管空降,业内不免引发中宏人寿现有战略调整的猜测。中宏人寿相关负责人向记者表示,多年来,代理人渠道一直是中宏人寿的重点,未来不排除多元化发展的可能,包括银保渠道和网销渠道等。但公司的战略是持续发展的,不会受到影响。   此前,万士家在接受媒体采访时也明确表示,“互联网保险是个大趋势,未来,我们将会不断地探索如何才能在这个领域做得更好,更好地服务于客户”。而在银行业有丰富经验的张凯,将发挥她在销售渠道、市场推广、战略和业务发展等领域的优势,银行渠道很可能有所突破。   值得一提的是,中宏人寿成为国内首家获得证券投资基金销售业务资格的合资寿险公司,去年6月在上海启动了销售同为宏利金融旗下泰达宏利基金的销售业务。今年张凯将带领团队将这一业务计划拓展到更多城市。   资料显示,中宏人寿成立于1996年,是国内首家中外合资寿险公司,由加拿大宏利金融旗下宏利人寿保险(国际)有限公司和中化集团财务有限责任公司合资创建。中宏人寿相对保守和稳健,市场规模和业务收入并不大,但能够持续盈利,这在保险业较为鲜见。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Senior players into ultra-thin mechanical watches is the high realm of watches 儿媳妇肖艳

Senior game player in the table is the ultra-thin mechanical watch high level lead: speaking of ultra-thin mechanical watches, although I did not personally practice research design of this kind of watch movement, but also a better understanding of the classical complex by osmosis technology we often say no less than the difficulty of its design. In fact, in the Swiss watch industry, the long-term pursuit of the highest realm is "ultra-thin"". (source: watch House) pay attention to the public number "have cavity tune", see more wonderful original content! For people who wear watches, slim means elegance, elegance means nobility. Excels in the ultra thin table brand, is also precisely the Geneva area long-term royal family service watches and the jewelry brand. Ultra thin watch hand chain movement diameter is generally less than 30 mm, and ultra-thin watch automatic chain movement thickness is within 5 mm. The movement by hundreds of small parts, these parts are to be processed thin is difficult, and one hundred years to major brands are not only to the thinnest, thinner top constantly challenge. The historical background, the climax of 1 thin competition in the middle of the last century, Jaeger Le Coulter in Jacques David? Watch over during the Le Court production, launched a series of ultra-thin. One of the core thickness is not more than 1.38 mm, making Jaeger Le Coulter fame. 2, then Audemars Pigeut also launched in 1946 not resigned to playing second fiddle, ultra-thin manual winding movement of a thickness of only 1.64 mm. Audemars Pigeut then launched the Cal.2003 hollowed out ultra thin core on the basis of this movement in 1953. After more than ten years, Audemars Pigeut has also introduced the improved Cal.2120 automatic upper chain ultra-thin movement, which uses the central pendulum design thickness of only 2.45mm. In 3 and 1960, the Earl launched an automatic chain top ultra-thin watch with a thickness of only 2.3 millimeters, which topped the Guinness world record". During this period, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other top watch brands have also launched their own ultra-thin watches. The classic ultra thin count senior tabulation and always adhere to the slim movement tradition, the 35 movement of the brand of independent research and development, there are 23 for the ultra-thin movement, 12 of them had to rewrite the ultra-thin thickness of record, has become an important part of the existing brand watch series. Automatic chain Tourbillon refresh of the world’s most slim new record automatic chain Tourbillon count Emperador Coussin ultra automatic chain Tourbillon automatic chain count Emperador Coussin ultra-thin Tourbillon count launched Emperador Coussin slim, the machine core thickness is 5.55mm. The unusual place of this ultra-thin watch is that the classic complex mechanism Tourbillon is integrated into the design of ultra-thin movement. Count Altiplano1200S hollow slim watch, count Altiplano1200S hollowed out ultra thin watch, Earl in 2012, Altiplano1200S (S represents hollowing out) hollow slim watch, has two world records.

资深玩家进 超薄机械表才是腕表的高境界   导语:说起超薄机械腕表,虽然我没有亲身实践过此类腕表机芯的研发设计,但是通过耳濡目染也比较了解它的设计难度不亚于我们常说的经典复杂技术。其实,在瑞士钟表工业长期追求至高境界正是“超薄”。(来源:腕表之家) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   对戴表的人来说,超薄意味着优雅,优雅意味着高贵。擅长超薄表的品牌,恰好也是日内瓦地区长期为皇室贵族服务的钟表和珠宝品牌。超薄腕表手上链机芯的直径一般在30毫米以内,而超薄腕表自动上链机芯的厚度则在5毫米以内。机芯由数以百计的微小零件组成,要将这些零件都加工的薄如蝉翼无疑难上加难,而百年来各大品牌却在向没有最薄,只有更薄的巅峰不断发起挑战。   历史背景   1、超薄竞赛的高潮出现在上世纪中叶,积家在雅克-大卫?勒考特接管腕表生产期间,推出了一系列超薄机芯。其中一款机芯厚度不超过1.38毫米,令积家名声大振。   2、随后爱彼也不甘示弱,在1946年推出了一款厚度仅有1.64毫米的超薄手动上链机芯。爱彼随后在这款机芯的基础上,于1953年推出了Cal.2003镂空超薄机芯。十几年后,爱彼又推出了改进后的Cal.2120自动上链超薄机芯,其采用中央摆陀设计厚度仅有2.45mm。   3、1960年,伯爵推出了机芯厚度仅有2.3毫米的自动上链超薄腕表,以此一项就荣登“吉尼斯世界纪录”。在此期间,百达翡丽,江诗丹顿等顶级腕表品牌也都纷纷推出了自己的超薄腕表。   伯爵经典超薄腕表   伯爵高级制表始终坚持着纤薄机芯的传统,本品牌自主研发的35只机芯中,有23只为超薄机芯,其中12只曾经改写来超薄机芯的厚度纪录,成为品牌现有腕表系列的重要组成部分。   伯爵Emperador Coussin超薄自动上链陀飞轮腕表 伯爵Emperador Coussin超薄自动上链陀飞轮腕表   伯爵推出的Emperador Coussin超薄自动上链陀飞轮腕表刷新了全球最纤薄自动上链陀飞轮腕表的新纪录,其机芯厚度为5.55mm。此款超薄腕表与众不同的地方是将经典的复杂机构陀飞轮融入了超薄机芯的设计。   伯爵Altiplano1200S镂空超薄腕表 伯爵Altiplano1200S镂空超薄腕表   伯爵于2012年问世的Altiplano1200S(S代表镂空)镂空超薄腕表,有两大世界纪录–全球最纤薄的自动上弦镂空腕表(5.34毫米)和全球最纤薄自动上弦镂空机芯(2.40毫米)。那么在如此纤薄的自动上弦机芯上进行镌镂艺术,需要几个必备的先决条件才有可能出来最佳效果:   首先,最上乘的雕琢工艺是必须的,而最顶尖的镂雕工艺师更是必须的;   其次,必须保证机芯运行的精准度与顺畅度。在进行镌镂前,需要预先周详的研究装饰纹路的构图,计算雕刻镂空的范围,适当调整机芯的布局设计。   最后,机芯自身的优质设计结构才是最好的基础。尤其是调速系统被采用过桥式夹板设计,加强了所需的坚实度与耐受度,使得机芯可以确保不会受到外界的太多干扰精准运行。   伯爵Altiplano 900P超薄腕表 伯爵Altiplano 900P超薄腕表   为庆祝伯爵140周年纪念,品牌特别推出全新Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P超薄腕表,以此再次改写来超薄高级腕表的记录。此款腕表研发时间为三年,其设计展现了先进的革新技术,取名为900P–手动上链机芯与表壳部件被整合,厚度仅为3.65毫米。藉此纪念伯爵在1957年推出的首枚超薄手动上链机芯 9P。9P机芯厚度为2毫米,成功奠定了伯爵在超薄制表领域的地位。   技术特征   1、此款腕表的技术核心在于突破了传统设计思路―机芯与外观分开的设计方案,将机芯的主夹板与腕表底壳正在一起。那么机芯与表壳融为一体,机芯内零件将会直接被安装在底壳上。机械表的基础机芯包括了主传动轮系–原动系,传动系,调速系统与辅助传动轮系―显示系,上弦系,拨针系。如果按照前面所说到的将主夹板与表壳融合为一体,在基础机芯设计思路上需要新的调整,特别是平时都在机芯背面设置的上弦系必须被设置于机芯的正面,并且需要一块夹板作为上弦轮系与原动系的支撑基板。 伯爵Altiplano 900P超薄腕表实体分解图   2、由于主夹板与表壳融合,所以需要设计出悬浮式发条盒结构。其做法是将传统两端固定支撑条盒轮的结构方式,转变成一端固定。这样的悬浮式结构一般会采用单边轴承的做法来实现。   3、由于原动系与上弦系占据了右方,同时为了达到超薄机芯的设计目的,显示系的位置将会离开中心,迁移到偏心位置。基于整体布局考虑,此款腕表的时间显示被设置在左上方。此外,传动系与调速系则被设置于所余下的右下方,通过单独的夹板来承载它们。 伯爵Altiplano 900P超薄腕表结构分解图   4、当腕表遭遇巨大压力,例如在水中时,玻璃或水晶镜面均会轻微变形。对一般腕表来说,这种物理现象带来的影响不大。但是,情况如果发生在超薄腕表上,由于腕表内空间极为狭小,玻璃受压变形时有可能压向指针,导致机芯停止运作。为预防此问题在超薄腕表上出现,伯爵特意将时间指针(分针加时针)的上平面被设计的低于机芯夹板的最高平面。那么最高的分轮顶端与水晶镜面之间会留有足够的空间。即使水晶镜面受压变形,也不会直接压在指针上,只会压在夹板以及所控制的轮系上,从而不会影响机芯的正常运转。   解析:   当看到伯爵这款手上链超薄腕表的技术参数和技术特征时,真的不敢相信,品牌在超薄技术方面已经到了炉火纯青的地步。我虽然没有直接研发过薄型机械表机芯,但是对于此类机芯始终有着浓厚的兴趣。如何将腕表做薄这是个课题,对于我们做研发的设计师来说,将机芯的夹板尽可能设计的薄一些,只是每薄0.01mm,对于加工而言难度就会增加许多。此外,要把传动轮片也要尽可能做薄,0.12mm相当于人的头发丝粗细,非常容易变形,对于加工制造来说具有挑战性。薄型腕表本身就属于一个特有的品类,很多知名品牌都会推出此类腕表以满足更多消费者的需求。那么伯爵作为以薄型或者说是超薄标榜自己的品牌,已然走出了一条只属于他自己的道路。   宝格丽Octo Finissimo超薄陀飞轮腕表 宝格丽Octo Finissimo超薄陀飞轮腕表   在2014年巴塞尔钟表展上,宝格丽推出了在超薄陀飞轮领域开创里程碑意义的腕表,其厚度只有5mm,搭载的陀飞轮机芯厚度仅为1.95 mm。如此超薄尺寸的陀飞轮在现有市场上,可以说是最为纤细、独一无二、前所未有的。   技术特征   对机械有些常识的朋友,对球轴承应该有所认识。那么用于机械表里面的球轴承,恐怕了解的朋友就少多了。当然,我们还是可以比较熟悉的是带有自动上弦功能的腕表,其承载自动陀的就是一个球轴承。只是,对于用于机械表传动轮系里面的球轴承,我也是在后来看到了一些资料以后才有所认知。轴承的制造水平可以代表机械化产业的制造能力。瑞士在精密加工制造方面的优势是无可比拟的。依托于高科技带来的实惠,瑞士制表业如虎添翼。   宝格丽此款超薄陀飞轮正是得益于微型高精密轴承的使用。其机芯的整体布局特点是:   1、机芯只采用一块夹板,也就是俗称的主夹板。为了保证机芯的超薄厚度,取消了传统轮轴采用上下宝石轴承支撑的方式,使用了七个微型球轴承作为传动轮系的支撑固定于主夹板上;   2、为了作为陀飞轮框架的支撑,同时结合陀飞轮机构专门设计了一个微型滚珠轴承固定于主夹板上。此外,擒纵轮也是被一个球轴承来控制的。   3、为了达到超薄陀飞轮的目的,并且是同轴式陀飞轮结构,采用砝码摆无卡度摆轮游丝系统。将传统机械表惯用的快慢针,外桩环结构取消,直接通过调节砝码的方式,来调校精度。   4、由于此机芯的主导思想就是取消宝石轴承支撑方式,对于原动系统来说也是如此。发条盒由三个微型球轴承控制固定在主夹板上。这样设计可以尽可能保证了发条的尺寸,使得动力储存将近55个小时。 宝格丽超薄Octo Finissimo陀飞轮分解图   解析   高精密微型球轴承目前已经可以被做到外径很小,厚度很薄的地步,尤其是其精度以微米来计算的。它是这几年最纠结的一项不可企及的技术,瑞士甚至是日本制表师应用此技术创作出各种精妙复杂的陀飞轮机构,深感需要补足的还有很多。相关的主题文章: