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Intermediary agency opportunity showmanship EDI license price difference 10 times

Intermediary agency opportunity showmanship EDI license price difference 10 times each reporter Zhu Dandan "regular need for ICP or EDI certificate can contact me, do not come down……" In September 19th, a relevant person in the Internet financial institutions in the communication group to send such information. This car is busy handling the ICP license, side of the car came news that the need for the original EDI certification, all of a sudden, the news that the net loan platform very embarrassing at the same time, the agency also busy. An East China Internet financial platform people also told the "daily economic news" reporter, "there are also earlier (for EDI card) intermediary initiative to look for us." "Daily economic news" reporter asked a number of people who claimed to be able to charge EDI certificate to understand, at present, they charge EDI certificate price of 3600 yuan, 8000 yuan, and even 20 thousand yuan, the date of processing is basically in 40~70 working days. A northern agency customer service staff said that (the agent) about the cost of 20 thousand yuan, but also needs to have the premise (registered) record, company finance office staff of 3 people in 3 months of social security and other conditions, then according to the specific circumstances for the site. And some of the people who have already got the EDI certificate say that the fees they handled at the time were not high, just about a few hundred dollars. EDI permit the agency price range since August issued the Interim Measures for the net loan, part of the net loan platform at top speed for ICP license, while, ICP certification prices immediately soared, intermediary prices even reached more than 1 million yuan. However, the ICP certification has not yet come down, the need for EDI certification news came again. In September 19th, the above stakeholders in the network loan exchange WeChat group said, formal need for ICP or EDI certificate can contact him, the whole country through. "Earlier also (for EDI certificate) intermediary agencies found us, understand the situation, did not say how specific, if you want to deal with how much money, say to see the degree of difficulty, personal feeling is quite expensive." Southeast Internet financial platform also said frankly. "Daily economic news" reporter contacted a number of agencies that claimed to be EDI certificate of customer service personnel. An intermediary agency in Beijing said, "our cost is 8000 yuan, within 70 working days."." He also further said that the net loan platform needs to meet the "financial office to engage in Internet banking approval, the company has social security for employees, the company registered capital of not less than 1 million yuan" and other conditions. The personnel of the service agency of a EDI card can only handle in Jiangsu said, "we have the lowest cost of 3600 yuan, 3800 yuan higher; meet the needs of financial institutions platform pre-approval, employees 3 people 3 months of social security, and the registered capital of 1 million yuan and other conditions, about a month or 45 working days can run down." Another northern agency said.

中介机构借机揽客 代办EDI许可证报价相差10倍   ◎每经记者 朱丹丹   “正规需要办理ICP或EDI证书可以联系我,办不下来不收钱……”   9月19日,一位相关人士在互联网金融机构的交流群里发出这样的信息。   这边厢正忙着办理ICP许可证,那边厢又传出消息说需要办理的原来是EDI认证,一时之间,这个消息让网贷平台无比尴尬的同时,也忙坏了中介机构。   一位华东地区的互联网金融平台人士也向《每日经济新闻》记者透露,“早前也有(办理EDI证)的中介机构主动找过我们。”   《每日经济新闻》记者咨询多家宣称可以代办EDI证的人士了解到,目前它们代办EDI证的价格为3600元、8000元,乃至2万元不等,办理的日期基本在40~70个工作日。   北方一家代办机构的客服人员表示,(代办)大概需要2万元的费用,前提还需要有(注册地)金融办的备案、公司员工3个人近3个月的社保等条件,然后再根据具体网站情况来定方案。   而部分之前已经获得EDI证的平台人士则坦言,它们当时通过正常渠道办理的费用并不高,大概只需几百元。   EDI证代办价格不等   自从8月网贷暂行办法出台之后,部分网贷平台“快马加鞭”办理ICP经营许可证,一时之间,ICP认证的价格立刻水涨船高,中介价格甚至达到100万元以上。   然而,还没等ICP认证办下来,需要办理EDI认证的消息又来了。   9月19日,上述相关人士在网贷交流微信群中称,正规需要办理ICP或EDI证书可以联系他,全国通办。   “早前也有(办理EDI证)的中介机构找到我们,了解了一下情况,没说具体如果办理的话要多少钱,说是要看难易程度,个人感觉是蛮贵的。”上述东南互联网金融平台人士也坦言。   《每日经济新闻》记者联系了多位宣称可以代办EDI证的机构客服人员。一家北京地区的中介机构表示,“我们的费用是8000元,70个工作日内办下来。”   他还进一步表示,网贷平台需要满足“有金融办从事互联网金融的批文,公司给员工交有社保,公司注册资金不少于100万元”等条件。   一家只能办理江苏地区EDI证的代办机构客服人员则表示,“我们费用最低3600元,高的话3800元;需要满足平台机构有金融类前置审批,公司员工3个人3个月的社保,以及100万元注册资金等条件,大概一个月或者45个工作日可以办下来。”   另外一家北方代办机构人士则表示,大概需要2万元左右,40~60工作日,具体还要看网贷平台的实际情况,也需要满足有市一级金融办的备案和公司员工3个人3个月的社保等条件。如果没有市金融办的备案也可以办,不过“需要你们改网站”。   对此,盈灿咨询高级研究员张叶霞向《每日经济新闻》记者坦言,EDI证的代办过程也有可能出现类似ICP认证那样的炒作。   仅31家网贷平台获EDI证   值得注意的是,目前也只有少数平台已经拥有了EDI证。   据盈灿咨询不完全统计,截至9月19日,已经获得EDI证的网贷平台是31家。   “我们早在2015年12月就拿到了EDI证。”PPmoney万惠相关人士表示。“获得该证的费用并不高,主要是用于第三方测评机构对于企业系统安全的测评,但该测评标准要求较为严格。”   上述东南地区互联网金融平台人士也向《每日经济新闻》记者表示,“我们也已经拥有了EDI许可证,当时通过正常渠道办理的,没有花很多钱,就是要一些资料费之类的,记得大概是几百元。”   那么,网贷平台为何还要中介代办EDI证呢?   对此,张叶霞在接受《每日经济新闻》记者采访时分析指出,很多平台都是自己直接按正常流程办理的,如果对申请流程不熟悉,或者资料准备把握不足的,会倾向于找代理。   不过,一位业内人士则坦言,目前EDI证如果让平台自己去办的话,基本上会比较难办,都是找中介。   “但是目前无论是银监会还是工信部,都没有给出官方回应来明确网贷是需要办理ICP证还是EDI证,建议平台可以等待具体政策明确之后再办理相关证件。”张叶霞告诉记者。相关的主题文章:

Cosplay play! Free! I have my wonderful! Cicf Expo love free open! 特命战队go busters

Cosplay play! Free! I have my wonderful! CICF EXPO love free open! Cosplay CICF EXPO is an indispensable shining dazzling scenery, the annual selection of 300 outstanding Coser free plan this year will continue to expand! Following the 20142015 in the second half and a number of platforms to achieve excellent results after the return of the chart, the new open of the 2016 is also worth looking forward to! Love Cosplay you here to enjoy such as! Download the application form, delivered to the mailbox to participate in official registration in accordance with the requirements of content: Application Form Download: EXPO, such as cosplay! Not until October, Mengliao has begun to spread, more details can continue to pay attention to us, looking forward to oh!相关的主题文章:

Automotive electricity supplier is almost dead consumers want to buy a car but began online shopping k9084

Electric car dying consumers to buy a car in 2016 began to online shopping car electricity supplier news people worried! March, Ali automotvie announced not to sell the car; in May, bought the car do not go down, to make a transition to sell car; in July, BITAUTO massive layoffs, easy car mall closed business; car executives experienced reshuffle, management big shake up, change of peace; in August, once the valuation of up to 1 billion yuan net car suddenly closed. There are remarks that the car electricity supplier to hang up. However, the consumer online shopping car trend began broke out: Double eleven shopping carnival, BITAUTO order total 138970 vehicles, a total of 21 billion 207 million yuan in order; the car Tmall flagship store transactions amounted to 224 million yuan; the double eleven day SAIC Roewe Tmall flagship store Roewe RX5 sold 1500 vehicles last year; double eleven "oversold" to the customer sincere apology "to buy", this year a record breaking, but this emboldened enough, claimed in November 12th will start to leave the car. Automotive electricity providers are in touch with the stone, only closed loop mode of landing a while ago, the car electricity supplier is considered to be a new model to subvert the traditional 4S store sales system. However, this old car business has been reclaimed virgin land for ten years, from 2013 after the game player is more but not all emerge in an endless stream, grow up. Different business genes, bring different business models, the results are naturally different. Diversion mode does not work. From the car to the car business transformation media only provide clues for the sales of 4S shops and dealers at all levels, it contributed to the transaction, claims to have tens of thousands of transactions, in fact is far from new trading links, not the exact price, can not control the stock, to provide services to all vehicles delivered or completed in the original system to improve the consumer experience. As the car home and car, they could not rebuild the whole industry chain, also could not bring the industry to improve the efficiency of. Diversion model is likely to be just a transitional mode of automotive electricity supplier. Inventory car clear library mode does not work. The car has nearly 20 wind combined with Chevrolet core distributors, with 6000 sets of Chevrolet stock car Epica buyout. This pool of the price really cheap, there are real vehicle guarantee, but at the same time as the cause of death after the foreshadowing. Car wind to obtain a certain price competitiveness, but needs a lot of funds; and even outright car business, also cannot do without the 4S shop. Late car wind suffered funding strand breaks, one shot. Looking back, docking manufacturers demand at the same time, may not conform to customer needs.     closed loop model is the only viable mode? After the Jingdong and easy fast and easy fast, founder Bu Guangqi founded the closed-loop electricity supplier to a car, unlike the diversion type electricity supplier is: "WYSIWYG", price transparency, supply chain delivery online selection of goods and orders "line"". Customer orders to pay the deposit on the APP, and then go to their own store payment, inspection car, insurance and loan process can complete one-stop. Closed loop mode and "last mile" service guarantee and improve the consumer experience. "Light, sink, share"!相关的主题文章:

Li Yixiao was invited to New York fashion week is not just a costume wizard so simple 乃々果花

Li Yixiao was invited to the New York fashion week is not just so simple fairy costume 2017 New York fashion week opened the first international fashion week curtain, costume wizard Li Yixiao was invited to New York fashion week, and with a black modern shape coming out of the airport. Karl Lagerfeld Rhinestone head sweater collocation black leather skirt, LV small bags, simple and stylish, a change in the past sweet image, tidal range of children, very impressive. She is "dancing Yu Ji Chu legend", "she is very pretty and charming the zhenmi new Luo", she is "Su Daji gods" enchanting charm, she is the "new" Xiao Lang eleven wind in four of her mother, or pure, or graceful, or charming or vigorous. The screen image of the ancient costume elves – Li Yixiao, gorgeous transformation, in the face of fashion, she did her own. Before going to New York fashion week, Li Yixiao and the star like clothing, a group of fashion street shoot large. A change in the classic beauty of the past, the development of an elegant fashion transformation. Whether it is handsome vest suit, or the current popular printing wide leg pants, Baseball Jacket, Li Yixiao can deduce their own taste, color striped dress shows off her white skin and clever temperament. In the next few days of the New York fashion week, was invited to attend a number of brand show Li Yixiao will continue to hand in the "star like clothing", offering more wonderful modeling. Twisting together with Li Yixiao, the first time to grasp the latest fashion trends in New York.相关的主题文章:

7 kinds of dangerous symptoms postpartum need to pay attention – Sohu maternal and infant tinyos

7 should pay attention to risk symptoms after childbirth, maternal postpartum Sohu, when mothers recover the body status. At this stage, the new mother to be careful attention to whether his body appeared the following 7 kinds of dangerous situation. Here, come and make a small series to understand what these 7 dangerous conditions are. Placenta remnants: some mothers in childbirth shortly after the discovery of a sudden bleeding, it is because the placenta and fetal membranes, such as part of the residual in the uterine cavity. Incomplete recovery of the uterus: when the mother because of uterine contraction is not good, not to restore the original appearance. Such as: after delivery has been in the past several days, but the uterus is relatively large and soft, red and brown lochia has been continuous. And accompanied by symptoms of lower abdominal pain, it is because the uterus remains in the fetal membranes and decidua. After childbirth, the early departure from the bed, the urine in the bladder or rectum will not be discharged in time, is also one of the reasons for the slow recovery of the uterus, to pay full attention to. Puerperal fever: women from two or three days after delivery of the temperature for 38 DEG C, or continuous cold. This is because the uterus infection and puerperal fever have a fever, called. The cause of formation is, disinfection apparatus used during childbirth is not complete, the process is not clean or lochia, their risk of maternal infection (tonsillitis, vaginitis), and spoilage bacteria, pyogenic bacteria infection. Severe systemic deterioration, may cause sepsis. So when children don’t have a fever, antipyretic, should immediately ask the doctor to diagnosis and treatment. Late bleeding: bleeding in the late stage of the bleeding is also shortly after the occurrence of bleeding phenomenon, which is from the blood to stop bleeding in the neck of the uterus and other parts of the wound and vaginal wall wound bleeding again, should immediately suture wounds. Hemorrhoids: suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, after childbirth is generally easy to deteriorate. And because in the labor force is great, people who suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in two or three weeks after delivery in the swelling, and pain, because pain also suppresses the defecate, can cause constipation, hemorrhoids worse, will form a vicious spiral. Lochial exudes stench: lochia like stench of rotting fish, can be suspected to be infected by bacteria and the uterine canal. Let things drift words, can also cause puerperal fever. Perineum pain: maternal perineum wound cramps or pain, but in stitches later, will no longer hurt. If you continue to hurt, it may be the formation of hematoma, you should find a doctor’s help.相关的主题文章: